Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Is CP?

I am so in love with Hilton Head, SC. It's so beautiful and just awesome. I have been so impressed that I felt moved to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. I gave some background information and all the things that I was impressed with. I got an email back...Thanks for the email. What is CP?  Seriously? What else could I have been talking about? I was really hurt. Hurt for Lizzy. Then I stopped and thought a minute.

Not everyone knows. Some may not even know someone with a disability. My life is consumed with disability. Some may say that having a child with a disability"handicaps" a family. Preventing family vacations, going to church, etc. So this is why I was taken back. I thought without thinking! Do you know what CP is? 

Cerebral Palsy. Or the slang that is highly offensive "retard". Yes, my child is mentally retarded. Please remove retard from your vocabulary for Lizzy. It hurts to even write it. Cerebral palsy refers to any one of a number of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination. YUCK! I hate being labeled fat! Can you imagine having that label?

We get stares. Lots of them. I used to just get so angry and stare at the person doing the staring! How stupid. I wasted so much energy being angry. Now I just smile. They're curious. Wouldn't you be? You are hearing some kid grunting in the aisle next to you. It's okay. Stare. Ask questions! Don't be afraid of these kids. They love being touched and snuggled just like any other child. Lizzy loves to wrestle. So they drool........oh my! I have had drool dribbled in my eye! I just say "that was gross" and move on. Trust me, if you know Lizzy, you know that she loves to hug. She will hug a strange if they say hi! I have never known a love like this before!

Wouldn't you want a slobbery kiss from this face?

We had a great day. I went to the local bike shop for a new tube. The stroller tire was going flat again and I didn't want to pay a dollar for air again. So I paid fourteen and some change for a tube. Lizzy went solo diving again. Cool!

Damon and the kids are on their way and I am so excited. I miss them and want them here with us! Please pray for traveling mercies for them. They should be here round midnight.

Thank you for being faithful readers. The emails, calls, and comments are so encouraging and we appreciate them. Damon wants to dive with Lizzy tomorrow. He is excited about it. See you tomorrow! 

God bless!


stephanie (your cuz) said...

Love this post (well I love them ALL) but I love that you took the time to explain CP! Educating people is the best thing to do! I understand, when you live it, you dont realize everyone doesnt know. Really good stuff!! I have taken the R-word out of my vocab and ask others to do so when they around me!! Love you guys!!

Lisa said...

I love you ! Thanks!

TeamHodgins said...

Great post as always Cuz. Love getting the updates. And love you guys!!! xoxo

golfer1garin said...


Anyone who knows lizzy thinks for her as a loving little angel. I know that is how I think of her. I will never forget how she loved my little dog Monte and she was so kind and gentle with him. Lisa, I swear each time a see a pciture of Lizzy on your blog she looks different. She really looks like she is seeing something.

All in God's time. Praying for you.

Love to all,


Kelli and Paul said...

Great info!!! Love you all
~Team Lizzy~

Tammy said...

Keep up the great work Lisa! You continue to be an inspiration to us all.


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