Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Down 30 To Go

No, the title is not referring to football. We have completed 10 dives! Let's recap the week.
  • Vision is improving!
  • Bowels are functioning normally (Lizzy's, that is! Read previous post).
  • Damon has become a diva when getting ready to dive needing everything under the sun before going in. Two pillows, FOUR ice packs, a movie to watch, temperature just right, and on and on!
On a more serious note, Lizzy has tolerated this so well. We are so blessed that she will sit in there for 1.5 hours and be happy before, during, and after diving. She is just amazing. Now that we know she can tolerate it, we will continue this treatment until it is no longer effective. That could mean 1 year or 10 years! We will see what God has planned for her. Yes, he has a plan for our Lizzy. Awesome!

I want to give you a tour of the facility. We come to here twice a day, Monday thru Friday. The other chamber in the video was home to our friend, Anita and her son Ryan! Please pray for them. Anita is also from Myrtle Beach and is there by herself. I have Damon to share all the duties with. Changings, feedings, chamber treatments, fussiness, etc. She is such an amazing woman. She never seems frazzled and always has a smile on her face. It is unbelievable. I get frazzled if I can't find my keys in my purse! Her husband and daughter needed to stay home due to commitments. Love you Anita and Ryan. Our friends Angie and Brylei will be leaving Sunday. Also from Myrtle Beach. We will miss seeing them.

We had a great first week. Emily will join us when we go back on Sunday. We are excited that our family can be together during this journey. Damon's parents have been so helpful this week by keeping Emily and Marty (our shi tzu). They will join us near the end of next week. 

Thank you all who have texted, emailed, called, left comments, and prayed for us! You are with us on this journey and that makes us feel so loved. Really, we appreciate you!

Ironically, Damon chose to watch the movie Miracle while in the chamber. Lizzygirl is our miracle and we are excited to watch God do his thing!

Apparently, this is a great movie and Damon gave it two thumbs up! 

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