Our Family

Damon and I met at college in 1991. Married in 1994. Had our first baby in 1999. We were quite surprised when everything didn't go as well as we thought it would. Lizzy has cerebral palsy and microcephaly. She is a healthy girl who smiles quite frequently. Emily is our middle child and she is 9. She loves her friends, animals, and gymnastics. Jack is our youngest and the child we almost didn't have. He is 4 and loves super heros and his best friends (which changes everyday depending who he likes the most that day). I was not in favor of having a third child, but didn't feel like our family was complete. Jack will come up to you and say "Jesus died on the cross" then look at you as if waiting to see if there is anymore to the story:-)

Damon has been teaching high school history since 1995 and coaching football since 2003. He has coached every high school sport in the last 16 years and has loved it. I stepped away from teaching when Emily was born. I taught 4th grade and enjoyed it so much. I am looking to get back into the classroom in the next couple of years.

We enjoy our life at the beach and feel blessed each day we have with our children. God has been good to us and we give him the glory for the life we live.


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