Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 Dive 1

I woke up early after getting three hours of sleep. Lizzy and Jack slept great. Damon was on the pull out and slept great too. Huh? Jack has horrible swimmers ear, Lizzy is in a new place and Damon hates pull out beds with the bar in the middle of his back. It should have been a disaster but it wasn't and I thank God for that!

We got the the clinic at 9 and received instruction, had toys taken away that weren't allowed in the chamber, laughed a little, and then it was time to "dive."

I laid on the bed and Lizzy was on top of me giggling already. The bed was rolled into the chamber and they started increasing the pressure immediately (diving down). Lizzy was sucking on her pacifier and I yawned and swallowed about a hundred times. After the chamber reached the peak pressure, we just chilled for an hour. Lizzy had music playing and squealed the whole time. She sat up but her head was hitting the top of the chamber. I was laying down the entire time. I will bring a magazine in with me next time. No electronics. Great! I am a tech junkie.  The chamber was warm. It read 79.2 the entire time. They said that if I was too warm that they have big ice packs to go in the chamber. After 60 minutes, we started "coming up." It is the same as when we started with the pressure. Lizzy was sucking her pacifier again and started to get really mello. I moved her head to talk to her and realized she had a bloody nose. Guess who has a really weak stomach? For some reason, I was able to handle it. They pulled us out and cleaned her up. Damon just took her back for her second dive of the day. I am hanging back at the hotel with Jack.

The doctor told us that we would start to see something changing with Lizzy by dive 20. Just walking down the street we receive oxygen at about 15%.  In this chamber, you get it at 100% with the pressure!

We have friends that are here too. We will have dinners out together and get to know each other more. Support group!!!! 

We have received so many emails, phone calls, texts, facebook messages, etc. We can't believe the amount of support and love that we feel. Thank you so much!


Kim Miller said...

Lisa - what an inspiration your family, especially Lizzie have been and continue to be! Documenting things the way you are makes those of us who can't be with you feel much more included. I pray for you guys every night, and even though I don't say it enough, I hope that everything works out well.

Jolie said...

This is awesome! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what you're experiencing. We're praying!

Kelli Leathers said...

OMG I have been waiting all day to read about day 1! I tried to sneak a peak at work earlier but our company blocks all the good sites. Whoo hoo Lizzy! Good job girl! We are keeping all of you in our prayers and encouraging you from here. Both, Paul and I are going to follow your blog and continue to be the support you need through this. You are an amazing Mom Lisa!

Molly Lynn said...

We just read your amazing story and want you to be assured of our love and prayers for all of you in the days ahead.
Lynn and Laverne Bates


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