Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Checklist

What Lizzy can do.....

  • Lizzy can get from here to there on her knees lickety split!
  • Lizzy can soothe herself with a favorite toy or her pacifier.
  • Lizzy can help me dress her by raising her arms to put a shirt on.
  • Lizzy can be the loudest in the group!
  • Lizzy can hug you so tight that it makes you cry.
Yeah, I wish that list had feeding herself all the time, see her momma and dad, say "I love you," but it doesn't and that is ok.  I was thinking the other night about this therapy and thinking, how great would it be if it were a magical chamber. She gets in and comes out COMPLETELY different.  If Lizzy comes away from this therapy with only having better vision, I will be elated! We have super high expectations, but are realistic. 

Our first "dive" is Monday morning at 9:00. Excited. Nervous. have this opportunity for Lizzy. We all want progress and improvement in our own lives, right. I believe Lizzy wants to progress too. 

Pray for our travel.  It takes 4 hours to get to Hilton Head.  We are taking Jack with us. Emily has commitments here and will stay with Nana and Papa. Pray for patience too please. We want progress now but know it will take time. 


I have always prayed for your health and safety. I felt that if I prayed for your complete healing that you wouldn't be "Lizzy" to us anymore. I am praying that the Lord heals your body in every way. From the growth of your little head down to strength in your feet to walk. Feeling blessed because I AM blessed! 
I love you babygirl,


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