Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2 Interesting Finds

I need to let all of you know how it went yesterday with her second dive. Damon went with her and this is what he said when he walked in the door. "Lis.....that was brutal!" When I was in the chamber with her yesterday, I told him he was too big for it. By big I mean long. Dude is 6'1" and all muscle:-) Love you babe. So I was worried about him. He was uncomfortable. Couldn't move around and warm! What a baby, huh? I wanted to tell him to suck it up...and do it for Lizzy! Woke up in a sweat early in the morning and had to get out for a 5 mile run.

Well, he did suck it up for the morning dive and he did fine.

And because of my curiosity, I asked a bazillion questions while Damon was in there. I asked how much a chamber costs. Brian (guy in charge) says....a decent house! Wow! I also asked about the chamber that caught fire with a young boy and his grandmother in Florida. Brian said that the man that ran the clinic had died and the chambers were 25 years old (not the worst part) but were not maintained. Brian has two chambers that are checked twice a year by the manufacturer and he has been trained by that company to work on them.  So he is constantly checking them. Feel better, I do!

Here are a couple more of Lizzy from this morning and see if you notice anything.

Lizzy is legally blind. She has cortical visual impairment. Her eyes are healthy and normal. The wires from the eye to the brain is the problem. Could the pure oxygen already improved her vision? Is it possible? She was watching tv! The top picture looks like she and Damon are watching a television show together. I noticed too that her one eye is trying not to roam all over the place. Like there is some eye control happening. Small improvements. Praise the Lord.....we will take them! 

Her nose bled again today but no pain. Brian told us that he has done hundreds and hundreds of dives and not one person has ever had a nose bleed. It was a lot less blood than yesterday so she might not look like we punched her in the face tomorrow. 

I hate telling people my weaknesses. I don't like using my weaknesses as excuses. I know that you are praying for us and here is why. I am horribly claustrophobic and will nearly faint at the sight of blood. For some reason being locked into a chamber for 1.5 hours and watching blood come from Lizzy's nose has not affected me. It is unbelievable. 

Hilton Head, SC is beautiful. Damon has found his way around here as usual. He went to see Cars 2 with Jack and before he went to the theater he made sure there were shops IN THAT PLAZA for Lizzy and I to entertain ourselves. He knows that I get nervous in new places with one way roads, roundabouts, etc. Here is the kicker, ( and I am embarrassed to even say anything) we have a gps system! 

Thanks for reading, praying, supporting, and loving us! God Bless!

I know what this looks like. I didn't let her watch tv. This chamber's tv is positioned differently and she would need to sit in the middle to watch it...and I can't have that. I need some space too!

Yes, I changed the font. Can you read it now? Cause I could barely read it before:-)

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