Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Extraordinary Mom

I will admit that I am trying my hardest to be completely different in how I raise my children. I was raised by a man that seemed to have so many contradictions, I was confused about life when I left home. The best gift a parent can give to their child(ren) is independence. I felt like a lost puppy roaming the streets trying to find a home when I left for college. With that said, I want my two youngest to leave home confident and ready to work hard for what they want.

With that said, I had two moms tell ME that I was a great mom yesterday and another person tell me that I was an extraordinary mom. What? Me? I say this not to give myself props for the bang up job I am doing:-) I say this because I am doing what any mom does. I mean, have you heard of the mom that rolled her kids up in a blanket and laid on the during a tornado that came through their town. She lost her legs!!! She says people are calling her a hero but she says it was being their mom. I would have done the same thing.  So, I don't mind people telling me that I'm a good mom, because that kind of validates me as a mom.

However, the greatest validation came from that person that said I was an extraordinary mom. I was sitting at the dining room table with my daughter, Emily. We were doing some homework together and she looks me square in the eye and says, "Mom, you are and extraordinary mom." I was without words.....speechless. Ask my husband, I have something to say about everything. She went back to her work and I was left there whimpering. I finally said that I loved her more than she could ever know and it was over...just....like....that.
My beautiful Emily.

Does it take an extraordinary person to raise a child with special needs? I really don't think so. As a mom (any mom), you connect with this child as it grows in your belly and out of the belly. I have met many parents that are beginning their journey with a special needs child and feel like they will never make it. Honestly, I have grown as a parent right along side of Lizzy growing into a young lady. I feel like we have matured together. You can do this. I am not saying it's easy because raising children without needs is difficult. It's hard. It makes your heart ache. You don't sleep at times. Your marriage suffers. Your physical appearance suffers. But then, 13 years have gone by and I am left thinking, "Hey, I did this! I AM DOING THIS."  Well, I couldn't do this without my husband, and his parents. So thanks babe. I love you soooo much.  Mom and dad....I love you and am so thankful you have been there all 13 years!

Laughing with dad.

Nana loves her Lizzygirl.

Lizzy and her Papa.

I have a blessed life and I am thankful for everything and everyone in it. Us families with special needs kids need your support. Pray for us. We need it everyday! 

God Bless......

Oh.....Lizzy is going to the prom!!!!!  Wait til you see.........


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