Friday, April 26, 2013

Running At The Speed Of Life!

Life has been busy here. I am having trouble finding time to sit and write. Our children are getting to the ages where we are running them everywhere. I love this season of our lives. I would rather run them to soccer and sit with Lizzy in the sunshine. I turned 40 this week and promised my husband that I would be a "yes" man from here on out. That means taking Lizzy where we go. I usually say "I'll stay here with the bug." 

So we have been running at the speed of life!

Our sweet Lizzy (yours too) is getting big. She is healthy and happy! That's her! Whenever someone asks how she is, that is the response I give. I am so blessed to have this teenager the way she is. She grounds me....all of us. Makes me appreciate all things. How can I not thank God for her? Does she depend completely on me? Yes. Who doesn't want that feeling? To be wanted and needed ALL THE TIME! C'mon, it's kind of a selfish thing, but this is his plan for me and I couldn't do this without him. I see Jesus in Lizzy's eyes. Warm, tender, and loving. 

She is still getting oxygen therapy monthly. We bumped up to 10 treatments a month to see if the seizures will completely disappear and what else might happen. We still have seizures, which stinks! Her seizures are only brought on when she is startled. So don't sneak up behind her and yell "BOO" please. 

Doesn't she look different? She will be 14 this year and I just can't believe it. Jack told me the other day that he will take care of Lizzy forever. Made me cry. He just looked at me like he did something wrong. I said "no buddy, you said something beautiful." 

Here is a video that I took last week while we were at the park swinging.

She hasn't said mama again. I say it everyday with enthusiasm hoping to hear it. I'm happy to have heard it, so I'm good:-)

We are about a month from summer break. Going to try and get her some new pool stuff. I will do better at keeping you up with what is going on with her. YES, I will. 

God Bless!


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