Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Challenging Week(s)

I will get right to the point. I have a mother's intuition. When my gut is telling me that something is off, I start to get anxious. Well, this happened last week. I have the utmost respect for our teachers and aides in our district. Especially those that accept the call into special education. God bless 'em! I don't know how they handle that many children in one classroom. I have trouble with one child with disabilities!

I have felt since the beginning of the year that something was off. When I say off, I just mean that there had been something different than last year. Remember when I first told you there were desks in the room? That was just the first thing that made me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I needed to address some issues and knew that they would not be received well.

By the end of last week, things were changing in Lizzy's classroom. Her teacher is wonderful and I have so much respect for her. But, there were some things that needed to be addressed. We are friends, but when it comes to my daughter, it's all business.

This is where I stopped writing for a few days.

Today (12/13), I decided to go in, unannounced, to check on Lizzy. Let's just say that things had resumed as they did before and I went through the roof.


I stopped typing that day (12/13) because I didn't know who might be reading and what damage I could do to reputations and what It could do to mine. But there were things that I just couldn't let go of that I witnessed with my eyes and heard with my ears. I decided to write an email to the principal and assistant principal. I felt bad because I sent it on the weekend and it was right before the school break. I expressed that in my email too. I hate making ripples and bringing undue attention on myself. My wedding day was wonderful except for one minor problem, I hated being the center of attention. I understand it was my day, but I have always been that way. Let's move on...this isn't about me.

I have prayed and cried about this and here is where we are at now. Lizzy will be moving to the middle school in January. Yes, finally, she will become a middle schooler. She really should be in 7th grade so.........I was no longer willing to debate issues.

My point is this. I am Lizzy's voice. If you are reading this and you are the parent of a child with any disability, YOU ARE HIS or HER VOICE. A few years back, when I was pregnant with Jack, Lizzy was scheduled for an EEG. I called a week before the appointment informing them about Lizzy and they assured me they would have several people helping to make it as smooth as possible. I even said that if shaving her head would make it easier, then we would do that. We got there and one guy (who was a student (it is a learning college) and clueless about Lizzy) was waiting for us. Lizzy was so upset from the strong smell of the glue and someone touching her head. I felt terrible. Then a woman walks in and WRAPS LIZZY IN A SHEET, STRADDLES HER, AND HOLDS HER HEAD BY COVERING HER EARS. My mind was saying SHUT IT DOWN LISA......NOW! But nothing was coming from my mouth. Lizzy was screaming at one point and I finally lost it. I shut it down by practically throwing the woman into the wall. GET OFF MY DAUGHTER.....THIS IS OVER! My exact words. Once you have been able to stand up for your child, you will be able to do it over and over. We just assume that people who work with children like Lizzy know more and are a bit more educated that us. I was wrong to believe that. YOU are the most educated on your child and the know it all!

So when I was sensing something different this year, I waited until I had concrete evidence and....not to be rude here (honest).....called some people to the carpet. I knew that I would be stepping on toes, hurting relationships, and maybe burning bridges. Know what? Don't care. Know why? This is MY child and no one will ever mess with her again. She may have gotten the short end of the stick in life, but I will die fighting and defending her and any other precious child like her.  The things that I saw and heard were uncomfortable. Even though we are leaving that classroom in January, I couldn't let it go. I was having trouble sleeping and I would cry.

Pop in your child's classroom. You might be surprised what you discover. In my opinion, cameras need to be installed in every special needs classroom. They have them EVERYWHERE else on school grounds.

I will say this. I have trouble trusting people after Lizzy was born. I trust, but unfortunately, you have to prove yourself trustworthy.

I have been dealing with this for a few weeks which is why I have been absent here. If you have questions about what I have experienced, email me.

One last thing. The desks are gone.

Merry Christmas friends.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Home at the Hampton Inn

Lizzy and I are back in town getting oxygen therapy treatments. We left after I picked her up from school yesterday at 2:00 and rolled in about 6:30. It's a long drive if you have no one to talk to. Liz isn't much for conversation. I already know that we are going to be on the second floor so I know I will need the stroller. I check in and notice that they have no luggage carts left. DARN! No I am on edge. That means a couple of trips to the van while Lizzy plays in the room by herself. That makes me anxious but there really is no way I can do it. I guess people can tell when I am stressing cause with minutes of me running by the front desk I have an employee sitting my room with Lizzy and another helping me with my luggage. I knew Liz would be fine and why I didn't ask for help. However, I was tired and a bit annoyed the hotel only had two luggage carts. Obviously, my mood changed when I was offered help from the staff. True story!

Housekeeping knocked on my door this morning and when I pulled the door open there was the same woman from the last times we had been here with a smile on her face. "You're back!" and then gives me a hug!!!!!!

Where am I?

My goodness. I can't believe that they did that for me. They have no idea what it means to me. Little blessings are awesome.

Speaking of little blessings......

Have you ever laughed like this? 

While Lizzy was diving, I was able to talk to Dr. Pete (Doc in charge) about Lizzy. "Anything?" He asked me. With shoulders slumped and my head hung low, I said "no, nothing." I knew he would ask me. I wish there was some progress or healing but not yet. He thought that we should go to 8 treatments a month instead of 6. So, that's the plan and hopefully we will start seeing some results. Like we said at the start of this when it's no longer effective, we will stop.

We are missing home.....yes already. 
God bless.


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