Friday, December 2, 2011

Home at the Hampton Inn

Lizzy and I are back in town getting oxygen therapy treatments. We left after I picked her up from school yesterday at 2:00 and rolled in about 6:30. It's a long drive if you have no one to talk to. Liz isn't much for conversation. I already know that we are going to be on the second floor so I know I will need the stroller. I check in and notice that they have no luggage carts left. DARN! No I am on edge. That means a couple of trips to the van while Lizzy plays in the room by herself. That makes me anxious but there really is no way I can do it. I guess people can tell when I am stressing cause with minutes of me running by the front desk I have an employee sitting my room with Lizzy and another helping me with my luggage. I knew Liz would be fine and why I didn't ask for help. However, I was tired and a bit annoyed the hotel only had two luggage carts. Obviously, my mood changed when I was offered help from the staff. True story!

Housekeeping knocked on my door this morning and when I pulled the door open there was the same woman from the last times we had been here with a smile on her face. "You're back!" and then gives me a hug!!!!!!

Where am I?

My goodness. I can't believe that they did that for me. They have no idea what it means to me. Little blessings are awesome.

Speaking of little blessings......

Have you ever laughed like this? 

While Lizzy was diving, I was able to talk to Dr. Pete (Doc in charge) about Lizzy. "Anything?" He asked me. With shoulders slumped and my head hung low, I said "no, nothing." I knew he would ask me. I wish there was some progress or healing but not yet. He thought that we should go to 8 treatments a month instead of 6. So, that's the plan and hopefully we will start seeing some results. Like we said at the start of this when it's no longer effective, we will stop.

We are missing home.....yes already. 
God bless.

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