Sunday, October 27, 2013


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If you are........breathing, then you have had disappointments in your life. We all can think back to a five, ten, twenty years ago and think to ourselves, "how did I get through that?" It is so easy to go back to what hurt us. It doesn't mean we haven't moved on, it just means that it was significant to us. We are overcomers.

I was born to an alcoholic mother that drank while pregnant. I had so much trouble in school. I couldn't read and my grades were the painful truth to that reality. I had trouble concentrating and understanding anything. Should I continue to blame my mother? Yes, she could have made a better decision, but she didn't and that is that. She died 13 years ago and left my life when I was three. So I never really hung on to any hurt or anger. I literally just learned to live life without her. I'm an overcomer.

My father was the parent I knew growing up. He was controlling and abusive. I was a sensitive little red-headed girl and I feel like he knew he could control me the most. My life was filled with hurtful comments and horrible beatings (spankings if that makes anyone feel better). I call them beatings because I was left brused and bloodied at times. When I left my home to go to college that is where the relationship ended.  I have forgave him years ago and moved on with life.  I'm an overcomer.

At this point, some of you may be saying, "I had it worse than that!" I am sorry for that, are an overcomer.

Having a child with cerebral palsy or any disability is overwhelming. I am feeling exhausted and just down this weekend. Tired and "over it". "Where is my white flag" kind of feeling. Having "normal" children makes you feel this way too.

But you know what? Tomorrow is a brand new day. All the kids go back to school and I get some time.

I could be bitter about this life that I have. Trust me, I have been bitter. Bitter about my childhood and Lizzy's situation. But I realized that being like that was turning me into a different person. A person that always had something negative to say. I was not listening to others anymore. Why would I want to be that kind of person? I didn't.

I believe that you can overcome anything! Anything. Do YOU believe that?

I am an overcomer. Don't quit, don't give in you're an overcomer.


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