Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life Happened

I started to get reminders about the blog this week...from several people. I apologize and have lots to catch you up on.

My last post was right before Christmas. To be completely honest, this time of the year is brutally hard on Damon and I. In Lizzy's world, it's just another day. She has no concept of time of year, holidays, or special events. Literally, it breaks me every year. I want her to know that Jesus was born in a manger, I want her to help decorate the Christmas tree, I would love her to help me and Emily bake cookies, write her letter to Santa, or watch all the Christmas specials that I watched as a kid. It hurts every year and I can't understand why. It's not like this is a new thing for us. When we opened gift on Christmas morning, we had to put Lizzy back in her room because she was miserable. It was making all of us anxious. I feel bad about doing that, but I want a good experience for our other kids, and again she doesn't know anyway. I know that sounds harsh, but we felt it was best for everyone! Lizzy gets toys and new sneakers EVERY year, so no surprises there.

There was one gift that we got for Lizzy that is AMAZING. It has no buttons, no vibration, and no lights. If you have a toddler or a special needs child or adult ( Hi Betsy!) RUN to the nearest Toys r Us and get it. Seriously, the person that invented this needs to be promoted IMMEDIATELY!

This is the Fisher Price iPhone or iPod toy. It seals the device in and protects it from drool, drops, and damage! The plastic protector on the front still allows for playing games, surfing the internet, and whatever else you want it to do. I'm not sure you can make a call or receive one. Is this awesome or what?

Lizzy loves it! She listens to the Barney station on Pandora. Crazy, huh?

Lizzy is officially a middle schooler! It's about time really. She has spent 8 years in the elementary school so it was time to move on anyway. Since all the stuff happened before Christmas, relationships have been broken. Unfortunately, it was taken out on Lizzy because I was informed that she was given no good-bye card, hug, or TOLD good-bye by her teacher. Like I said before, it was just another end of the school day for Liz! Had Lizzy been more aware of what was going on, I would have addressed it.

Her new teacher seems really nice and our transition meeting went great. We were told that they had 5 interviews lined up for her new aide. So, I gave my list of criteria that the aide MUST have, without exception.

  1. Must be a woman (for changing her)
  2. Must be a mom or grandmother (for love)
  3. Must have upper strength (for lifting)
  4. Must have a heart for special needs kids (for compassion and patience)
  5. This woman will be mauled and drooled on everyday. Make sure she is okay with that (forwarned!)
You find a woman like that and we are golden! I was told they hired someone. I was also told that if it wasn't a good fit to just let them know, then she says, I am sure that you will! Perfect.

I would like to share one photo with you that I am proud of. Damon completed his Masters in August and received his diploma. I had it framed and gave it to him for Christmas. I'm so proud of him. Lizzy is pretty proud too, I'm sure! I love you babe.

Please pray for me as I make the transition (not Lizzy-she adjusts just fine) into middle school mentality. I'm just anxious. Damon just keeps assuring me that she will be fine. Yeah, I know, it's me having trouble. I don't like change...could you tell?

I pray that you had a beautiful Christmas with your families. 
Happy New Year!
God Bless!


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