Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Challenging Week(s)

I will get right to the point. I have a mother's intuition. When my gut is telling me that something is off, I start to get anxious. Well, this happened last week. I have the utmost respect for our teachers and aides in our district. Especially those that accept the call into special education. God bless 'em! I don't know how they handle that many children in one classroom. I have trouble with one child with disabilities!

I have felt since the beginning of the year that something was off. When I say off, I just mean that there had been something different than last year. Remember when I first told you there were desks in the room? That was just the first thing that made me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I needed to address some issues and knew that they would not be received well.

By the end of last week, things were changing in Lizzy's classroom. Her teacher is wonderful and I have so much respect for her. But, there were some things that needed to be addressed. We are friends, but when it comes to my daughter, it's all business.

This is where I stopped writing for a few days.

Today (12/13), I decided to go in, unannounced, to check on Lizzy. Let's just say that things had resumed as they did before and I went through the roof.


I stopped typing that day (12/13) because I didn't know who might be reading and what damage I could do to reputations and what It could do to mine. But there were things that I just couldn't let go of that I witnessed with my eyes and heard with my ears. I decided to write an email to the principal and assistant principal. I felt bad because I sent it on the weekend and it was right before the school break. I expressed that in my email too. I hate making ripples and bringing undue attention on myself. My wedding day was wonderful except for one minor problem, I hated being the center of attention. I understand it was my day, but I have always been that way. Let's move on...this isn't about me.

I have prayed and cried about this and here is where we are at now. Lizzy will be moving to the middle school in January. Yes, finally, she will become a middle schooler. She really should be in 7th grade so.........I was no longer willing to debate issues.

My point is this. I am Lizzy's voice. If you are reading this and you are the parent of a child with any disability, YOU ARE HIS or HER VOICE. A few years back, when I was pregnant with Jack, Lizzy was scheduled for an EEG. I called a week before the appointment informing them about Lizzy and they assured me they would have several people helping to make it as smooth as possible. I even said that if shaving her head would make it easier, then we would do that. We got there and one guy (who was a student (it is a learning college) and clueless about Lizzy) was waiting for us. Lizzy was so upset from the strong smell of the glue and someone touching her head. I felt terrible. Then a woman walks in and WRAPS LIZZY IN A SHEET, STRADDLES HER, AND HOLDS HER HEAD BY COVERING HER EARS. My mind was saying SHUT IT DOWN LISA......NOW! But nothing was coming from my mouth. Lizzy was screaming at one point and I finally lost it. I shut it down by practically throwing the woman into the wall. GET OFF MY DAUGHTER.....THIS IS OVER! My exact words. Once you have been able to stand up for your child, you will be able to do it over and over. We just assume that people who work with children like Lizzy know more and are a bit more educated that us. I was wrong to believe that. YOU are the most educated on your child and the know it all!

So when I was sensing something different this year, I waited until I had concrete evidence and....not to be rude here (honest).....called some people to the carpet. I knew that I would be stepping on toes, hurting relationships, and maybe burning bridges. Know what? Don't care. Know why? This is MY child and no one will ever mess with her again. She may have gotten the short end of the stick in life, but I will die fighting and defending her and any other precious child like her.  The things that I saw and heard were uncomfortable. Even though we are leaving that classroom in January, I couldn't let it go. I was having trouble sleeping and I would cry.

Pop in your child's classroom. You might be surprised what you discover. In my opinion, cameras need to be installed in every special needs classroom. They have them EVERYWHERE else on school grounds.

I will say this. I have trouble trusting people after Lizzy was born. I trust, but unfortunately, you have to prove yourself trustworthy.

I have been dealing with this for a few weeks which is why I have been absent here. If you have questions about what I have experienced, email me.

One last thing. The desks are gone.

Merry Christmas friends.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Home at the Hampton Inn

Lizzy and I are back in town getting oxygen therapy treatments. We left after I picked her up from school yesterday at 2:00 and rolled in about 6:30. It's a long drive if you have no one to talk to. Liz isn't much for conversation. I already know that we are going to be on the second floor so I know I will need the stroller. I check in and notice that they have no luggage carts left. DARN! No I am on edge. That means a couple of trips to the van while Lizzy plays in the room by herself. That makes me anxious but there really is no way I can do it. I guess people can tell when I am stressing cause with minutes of me running by the front desk I have an employee sitting my room with Lizzy and another helping me with my luggage. I knew Liz would be fine and why I didn't ask for help. However, I was tired and a bit annoyed the hotel only had two luggage carts. Obviously, my mood changed when I was offered help from the staff. True story!

Housekeeping knocked on my door this morning and when I pulled the door open there was the same woman from the last times we had been here with a smile on her face. "You're back!" and then gives me a hug!!!!!!

Where am I?

My goodness. I can't believe that they did that for me. They have no idea what it means to me. Little blessings are awesome.

Speaking of little blessings......

Have you ever laughed like this? 

While Lizzy was diving, I was able to talk to Dr. Pete (Doc in charge) about Lizzy. "Anything?" He asked me. With shoulders slumped and my head hung low, I said "no, nothing." I knew he would ask me. I wish there was some progress or healing but not yet. He thought that we should go to 8 treatments a month instead of 6. So, that's the plan and hopefully we will start seeing some results. Like we said at the start of this when it's no longer effective, we will stop.

We are missing home.....yes already. 
God bless.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only You Remain

Can you imagine living a life where nothing changes. Everything remains the same. From your routine in the morning right down to what you eat.  Would you be content? Could you be a positive person? Know anyone like that?

I have wanted to get back here and write about Lizzy, but honestly......there is nothing to write about.  Nothing. Everything is the same since the last post. Everything has remained the same and I was having a pity party until God slapped me across the face....HARD.

I heard a song from Mercy Me. It's called Only You Remain. A constant in my life. Why do I focus on these petty things with Lizzy? She is happy and healthy. I began to think about how his love is something that remains the same. Something to be happy about. Never changes. His love reminds me of how child like Lizzy loves.  No grudges. No expectations. Unconditional. Lizzy has no concept of holding a grudge and it's wonderful.

So even though, in our home, we live in routine and what seems like monotony, we can be happy about one thing that NEVER changes.....His love for me. His love for Lizzy. His love for you.

My camera needed repairing and I just got it back. So happy. I've missed taking pictures of my girl. Isn't she beautiful?

I have taken some action with getting healthy. I have done something that is crazy.....yes, I have started a blog to document my journey. I know, right? Not like me. I need accountability. Knowing that people are reading and waiting to see results puts big pressure on me.....and I need that!

Here some great pictures of Lizzy from the week.

Oooooo......that drool was mid-drip!

Playing with dad.

Have a great week.
God bless.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There is one thing (that I am willing to admit) that I wish I could change about me as a mom. I wait until the last minute to get something that I have to have. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, it doesn't matter. So getting a pumpkin for our front porch or running through the pumpkin patch was something we thought of doing weeks ago but never got around to it.

Sunday was the day. The day before halloween we all got in the van and headed over to the pumpkin patch. Kids were excited and couldn't wait to pick their own pumpkins to paint. We all would look and find that perfect pumpkin for our front porch. We even brought Marty (our shi tzu) to join in on the excitement. So we pull in and the kids are busting out of their seats. Damon gets Lizzy in her chair and rolls her up to the pumpkin patch. Picture perfect, right.

Oh my goodness, it was pitiful. I was so disappointed. Look at how many pumpkins are left on the pallets behind the kids.

There were rotten pumpkins, dented pumpkins, grey pumpkins, and pumpkins with warts. We wanted a perfect round pumpkin. That's it! I picked up a pumpkin I thought would be fine for our front porch. It looked okay and didn't roll over when I set it up so it worked for me. A gentleman that worked there walked up to me (at the same time, Damon was rolling by with Lizzy) and he said to me, "oh, you don't want that one, that has too many imperfections, let me find you a better one." I immediately felt proud. I looked at Lizzy and then back at him and said, "We're okay with imperfections."

We took our "perfect" pumpkin home and to further teach us a lesson, it was so hard we had trouble getting a knife in it. We tried every tool we had just short of Damon's chainsaw. Finally got it carved and lit up.

Perfection. Right. This pumpkin story reminds me of Lizzy or any person with a disability. We were hoping for a perfect, bright orange, and round pumpkin but instead found beauty in one that others may find ugly or imperfect.


Speaking of ugly and imperfect, I have been trying to get healthy. That was a joke because I find myself gorgeous and perfect! Just ask Damon. Seriously, within the last three weeks, my left foot has been hurting terribly. When I run on it, it seems fine. Unfortunately, I have plantar fasciitis and have stopped with my running program. I am committed to losing weight and getting healthy before I turn.....gulp.....4-0! I have a year and a half so pray for me as I stay focused and in the zone.

And while I am at it, I would like to introduce you to our new blog supporter. Danielle Hodgins hails from Medina, NY and is a Beachbody Coach. Committed to helping others (including myself) get healthy and fit for life. Her story is amazing and will move you to also get healthy. Check out her website and read her story. I found inspiration reading her story and other transformation/success stories. Her link is on the right of the page under supporters or you can click on her name.

It's is getting colder here and I need to shop for some warmer and bigger clothes for Lizzy. Time to hit the consignment shops!

God Bless!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lizzy came home this morning from Nana and Papa's. Missed her. You can either turn the volume down on the music player at the bottom of the page or mute the video music. The music in the video is from Heather Williams and is called I'll Take It From You. Go to iTunes and download it.....better yet......get the whole album, it's awesome!

Have a great Sunday!
God Bless!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Heavy Heart

You know how you have "hi's and low's" of your life? Well, I have been struggling with the low's of this life. As a parent of a child with disabilities, you go through waves of mild to severe depression. I have been struggling with this for years.  Lizzy is a beautiful girl and I am so thankful for her. But. Yes, there is a but. She is not going anywhere. We built our home to accommodate her here for the rest of her life.  Sigh. I have connected with a family that has three grown daughters. Their oldest is 31 and has CP. A severe case. Her name is Betsy. Cheryl (the mom) and I have been emailing each other for a couple of months mainly with my questions about how her life is now. She and her husband take care of Betsy. Well, he also works outside the home. They don't EVER get away. Ever. Who would take care of Betsy that would be willing to be with her 24/7 for a few nights? That will be Damon and I in 15 years. Our life will be.....Lizzy. It isn't something I am smiling about. It's something that I have become depressed about. Let's just be honest here. Anyone wanting to take care of a handicapped child when they are older.....raise your hand! Even a child that is completely normal.....anyone? Children are meant to leave their parents. And he said, 'This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.'  Matthew 19:5 (NIV)

I feel like I have been given this gift of seeing what is coming for us. God has placed Cheryl in my life for a specific reason. It is possible to care for your child until our Heavenly father decides it's time. I get a little excited to type those's time. Those words mean so much to me. When "it's time" for Lizzy......she will see. She will walk. She will speak!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have taken no photos of Lizzy this week and I feel bad about that. My doctor has decided that it was time she prescribe me an anti-anxiety medication. She says "Lisa, you have done this for years without medication, its okay." I feel defeated. 

Cerebral Palsy doesn't just affect the person, it affects the whole community that person is in. I am so thankful for Cheryl. I can't wait until we meet. I have a hug for you that may linger for sometime! God bless YOU Cheryl! 

Sorry for the lapse in posts. Life has been happening!
God bless.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I want a do over. Badly.

We returned home from Hilton Head Sunday night and I was tired. My body ached all over. I didn't want to put any kids to bed and wanted to just take a bath. I was so exhausted. Monday came and Damon has to be at school but the kids had the day off. Lizzy was so whiny and Jack missed me so he was literally hooked to my leg the entire day. Emily was with her Nana and Papa, so I had some relief. Damon had football practice after school and didn't get home until 7:30.

Scroll back the time to 4:00 when Emily comes home. Jack is excited to see her and the entire house gets LOUD. Lizzy is still whiny and cries when you leave the room. Emily still has weekend homework to complete, kids need dinner, house is still a mess, and Jack has just asked for the millionth time today to play video games. I lost it. Everyone got their feelings hurt and I feel bad. At this point, I need something to settle me down. Then.....Damon walks through the door. he looks on the stove at the dinner I made he says, "I think I'm going out with the guys to watch Monday night football." BREATHE LISA, BREATHE!!!  I think I blacked out at this point.

I have been thinking about Monday evening all day yesterday and today. I feel so bad. I want to rewind time and handle it differently. I want to hold Lizzy while she was whining and crying instead of saying "work it out" or "c'mon Lizzy".  I wish I would have held my tongue and spoke more gently to Emily and Jack. But I can't and it hurts.

Do you ever feel like you are on this merry go round waiting for the ride to stop.....and it just doesn't? I'm waiting for it to just slow down for a bit. I KNOW that my life would be busier if Lizzy was a normal 12 year old. Surprise blessings! Love those.

I am thankful that I get to wake up and have another day to make it right. Will Emily and Jack remember that on Columbus Day 2011, I turned into Roseanne Barr? Probably not and I am thankful for that!

Six treatments. I wish she could do more every month but it is just too hard with scheduling. She went by herself on Sunday and did fine.

A cool and rainy afternoon ride home but Lizzy loved it.

One of her favorites. Has to have it right up to her face:-)

Have a great night.
God bless.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Diving For Healing

Yes! We are back. Lizzy and I slept really well last night! The Hampton Inn has the most comfortable beds. You melt right into the pillow.  I had trouble getting the bug out of the bed this morning!  See what I mean?
Lizzy is in there...somewhere!

She does this thing with her chin where she sweeps it from side to side making a swooshing sound!

She tried to go back to sleep.

We had a good first day. Lizzy's ears bothered her and she cried for a bit. Dr. Pete said that her body needs to adjust to diving again. I was in there with her so she had her momma! No nose bleeds though! While I was in the chamber with her, I was able to catch up on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show and Handy Manny! Remember, we are in the chamber for 1.5 hours.  Also, I won't be taking pictures of her in the chamber....since I am in there with her. The clinic is about a mile or so down the road, so we walked there. It is so beautiful here. Walking with Lizzy gives me an ego boost. People are constantly turning their heads to see her. It is a big stroller and everyone is curious. I tell myself that they are looking at me cause I am sooooooo good lookin'! Keeps me walking fast! It is funny because here you see people running and biking. I am pretty sure this is a very healthy town. Maybe the reason people are curious is because you don't see a person walking a 12 year old down the street. They just don't see it here.

Nice glasses mom!

She is my supergirl!
Thanks for all the messages and for praying for us. I love having the support of family and friends. The staff here at the Hampton Inn remembered us and offered to help us in any way! Love this place!

I wanted to share a video of Lizzy from the other day. Just so you know, we only say shut up to make her laugh. Enjoy!

God bless! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Proud Momma

I am proud of all three of our children. We have truly felt blessed to have our two girls and our little buddy! Emily is our middle child. She turned 9 in August and loves gymnastics, animals, and writing. She is a wonderful daughter and I still can't believe that she is mine! Although Lizzy is our oldest, Emily has all the characteristics of a first born.

The other night she asked me if she could feed Lizzy. I think I may have answered "I don't think so, Em." She started telling me that she was old enough, she wanted to help me, and that I should let her. Lizzy gets a feeding right before bed and has medicine in it.  I wanted to be sure Lizzy got every bite. There is singing involved and I just didn't think that this control freak could risk it. Maybe another time.

I am so glad Emily was persistent.  She SHOVED me into a #2 position and I loved it!

Looking at my girl gently wiping her sister's face.
All gone!

When she finished feeding Lizzy, Emily says to me "told ya mom."  Yeah, I had that coming. Emily has been wanting to help with Lizzy in general but I've felt that she isn't ready. I am so proud of her. She fed her the exact same way that I do. Right down to the way I sit on the floor with her. I feed her on the floor because it is easier to just go where she is!

We are back in Hilton Head for oxygen therapy! We got here about 6:00 tonight. I'm so excited and can't wait to tell you all about it! 

God bless!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Would You Rather Be #1 or #2?

No, I am not talking about NASCAR or things you might be doing in the bathroom. Read on:-)

Our van has a really great feature. One the driver side door there are two buttons marked 1 and 2. I am number 1 and Damon is number 2. These are the settings we like the seat set at. Sometimes I'll get into the van and won't have to adjust the seat. I like that. Knowing that I can get right in and go! Then there are times I get in and my seat has been adjusted. It is set for driver #2. There have been times when I will TRY to drive as driver #2,  but get really uncomfortable. So, with just a push of a button, I can put it right back. But, it still upsets me. I am not great with change or when I expect something one way and get another, it LITERALLY throws me off for a bit. So #1 is comfortable and preferred. I am going somewhere with this.

Damon took the kids to the movies last night. I get a text from him asking to meet him and the kids for dinner around 6:30. I immediately tense up thinking about taking Lizzy out to a restaurant THAT late (really isn't but her bed time is 7:15)! I wanted to text him no, but decided to do it anyway. We get there a little before they do and I roll up with Lizzy. I walk in and find the hostess looking at me. "What can we do for you, where would be best for you, we want to you be comfortable, whatever we can do just let us know!" I thought to guy MUST know a person with disabilities! He did. His brother's wife's aunt's I can tell from the way Lizzy and I are treated and spoken to if their life has been touched by a person with special needs.

We get seated and Damon shows up with the kids. The server comes to the table and never acknowledges or even looks at Lizzy. I was fine with it but again, probably doesn't know someone with special needs.

It really got me thinking. There are people that will sit in driver #1 all their life. Comfortable, safe, predictable, etc. Happy to never move that seat a centimeter to see if that adjustment would make a difference. Maybe moving the seat UP would let you see things better. My point is this. You can either sit in the number one position with the world moving all around you. Never leaving your comfort zone to experience things that could change your life. Or you could push that #2 position to stretch and grow! Learning new things, getting to know new people, reaching out to a specific communities of people (cancer awareness, CP awareness, Autism, ALS awareness).

I believe that YOU have been touched by reading about Lizzy. I bet that when you see a child with cerebral palsy, you feel as if you can connect with that child (or adult). You may feel "less" uncomfortable around them. Maybe the grunting or squealing doesn't bother you anymore. There may come a time when you will volunteer at a local school in a classroom filled with kids like Lizzy. You will feel blessed when you become more aware.

I am creating a video to bring more awareness to cerebral palsy. I would love to have your pictures and videos. This video will be posted here, on the blog,  which means it will be published on the internet.

It is finally cooling down here and that means it is very difficult to keep Lizzy's hands and feet warm. It you come across some slippers for children that STAY on, let me know. I need them. As soon as her shoes come off, she tears her socks off, so we need something that stays on! Thanks!

By the way, I am a #1. Trying to push myself into a #2 position. It is easy to get comfortable....even with Lizzy!

 Loves her duck!

Thanks Kristen Rogers for the pom pom for Lizzy!

See the colored lights from the toy lit up in these pictures? That means she has learned where the button is to turn it on! A-ha! Little blessings!

Go Lizzybug!

Have a great day.
God Bless.

I wore yellow for National Microcephaly Day. Did you?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok, Really!

When Lizzy was a little girl, we would travel quite a bit with her. She had a third of the "gear" that she needs now. However, since we had the house built, we encourage family and friends to visit here because we don't like to take Lizzy on the road for too long. That being said, it had been about 9 years since my sister and her family physically saw Lizzy.  Only 2 of her 5 children had ever seen her. I was a bit worried how the kids would handle seeing her (being on the floor, grunting, etc)or attempting to interact with her.  I am constantly worried about this. I don't ever want anyone to feel uncomfortable around Lizzy.

It was as if they see her everyday. Comfortable. They were so excited to be here. It was beautiful! I want you to notice the little girl in the red tank top. This is our sweet niece, Eliana. She stood at the door of Lizzy's room watching for a bit. She had never met Lizzy. I don't think she even knows a child like Lizzy, so I am almost positive she was a bit scared. My sister says she is like a little mommy with her sister and brothers. But I wasn't surprised to see this reaction from her. I told my sister not to force it and to let everything happen naturally. She didn't want offend me but I assured her it was ok. Really. When she did warm up to her you can see what happened. She didn't take her eyes of Lizzy for a moment.

Lizzy loving her new birthday toy. Wyatt, 9, wanted to be around her the whole time.
Lizzy looking at her Uncle Joe who is always ready for the camera! He is the ONLY one ready!
Love how Wyatt and Eliana, 5, are touching Lizzy!
Lizzy is loving this! My sister is is holding Hannah, 2.

Eliana still can't take her eyes off her.


After we realized that Lizzy had special needs, the acceptance didn't come right away. It took me years to finally accept that I was living in this world of constant stares and whispers. A daily struggle of "why me and not her" type thinking. Endless hours researching her condition and falling deeper and deeper into depression. I would refer to Lizzy as developmentally delayed. That's it. It wasn't until I heard my in laws refer to Lizzy as "severely handicapped" did I realize what I had. This is how they would describe Lizzy to someone if asked about her. I was appalled......and thankful at the same time. At that moment, I realized something. It is what it is! Acceptance is hard.  Not just with what kind of handicap your loved one has, with anything. However, once I did acknowledge and accept that Lizzy had several handicaps which were pretty severe, I was able to cope with the day to day, move on, and really enjoy her. Like I did when she was a baby, before I even knew anything was wrong with her. Have you been able to accept what has been place in your life? If not, it might take time and that is totally ok, really! You can do this!

I have received lots of pictures and video of your beauties! This video will hopefully bring CP to the front row! The big question will be... ARE YOU AWARE? HOW AWARE? We can do this together!

**Lizzy also has a condition called microcephaly. Tomorrow is National Microcephaly Day! Wear yellow in support of Lizzy! Check this out.

God Bless!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Happy Birthday

We did celebrate Lizzy's birthday. It was small and with just family. If we opened it up to friends, we would go broke feeding everyone. I swear she has more friends than I do. No she does not have a facebook page.......yet:-)

We celebrated Lizzy. We celebrate her life. A life we are so thankful for. So what do you get a 12 year old girl for her birthday? Make-up? Music CD's? Handbags? Clothes? Nah......not for this 12 year old! I usually hit the consignment shops for all the baby toys and wrap them in tissue paper. She loves both! This year, I sprang for brand new toys! It is getting harder to find toys for her because.....well........we have every baby toy ever made. Light up, vibrate, musical, you name it, we have had four of each. We have this one toy she has had since birth. It is a musical steering wheel that was white first but became purple a few years back. Her absolute favorite! It's dying. She drools all over it and that isn't good.

She had a white one when she was born that looked like this.

Then she had this one.

Pretty soon, she'll have none. I have searched EVERYWHERE! No luck. We are trying to replace this toy with similar ones. This SHELCORE DRIVING WHEEL TOY will be missed. I shamelessly put the picture and the name of the toy in your subconscious. Be on the lookout for it and let me know it you see it anywhere!

***Beep Beep Beep......let's go***

I am so excited to announce a new supporter! Wynnette Smith of Shirley's Sweets is an experienced and talented baker. I have personally experienced her cakes and will be calling her for every birthday, holiday, first days of seasons, last days of school, etc. Sorry folks, she is a local baker so if you don't live in the area, I feel very sorry that you won't be able to eat a slice of her cake. Check these out!

Emily, Paige, Lizzy, Jack, and Nate

Wynnette is a wonderful person and would love your business. She was first person I would see in the morning when Lizzy would go into school a few years ago. I would always hear "Good morning Lizzy". Lizzy knew who she was and would just squeal. 

Lizzy may not know that we celebrate her every year with cake and presents and we are all ok with that. God gave her to us and she is our gift that we celebrate everyday, every month, all the time.

Happy Birthday Lizzybug!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I was feeding Lizzy this morning and while we were talking (we talk about everything in the morning from how her clothes are fitting to what she will eat for lunch), I was telling her about her blog and all her friends and family that read it. I was asking her what she thought about the current and upcoming sponsors. Like she was going to say something profound, right? I kid you not, I looked into her eyes and she told me something. Before I tell you, I have sweaty palms and feel like I have been reprimanded. Here it goes.......I saw disappointment. Her eyes were telling me that doing what everyone else does was not what this blog was for. Let me explain. I read other blogs and see companies advertisements plastered all over it. So being the follower (not really) that I am, I did just that! I started to think back to why I started her blog. It was never to generate income, I promise. It was to document Lizzy's life and promote more awareness to cerebral palsy. I feel like I have let Lizzy down in a way. I hope that I have not chased anyone away or disappointed you. I am sorry.

I have a great idea that would make my little girl proud of me. Instead of sponsors, we will have supporters!
You will love this. I want to bring for awareness and attention to cerebral palsy. This is how we can do that. Send me an email with your company and logo. I will review your website content. After I have approved your company all you have to do is link the image below to YOUR website or blog. I will then link your logo under SUPPORTERS. How does that sound? This is free and open to all businesses based upon my approval. Feel free to send product samples at anytime!

March is CP awareness month but I want to bring attention to it and celebrate it everyday!  Here is the image you will need to link us to your site. You can also find it under the the SUPPORTERS tab at the top!

God bless each of you today! I love this song. This song "Blessings" is for my new friend Betsy Brewer and her family. Finding the blessings in life may not always be easy for you. You are my inspiration.


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