Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Night of Normal

It doesn't take much to make me smile. When someone takes time to do something for my daughter, Lizzy, it's a big deal. Even something little, like sending her a card from an elf from the North Pole is such a big deal with me. Lizzy has no idea who sent it or even what it means, but I do. Michelle P. Not only did you make me smile and feel like Lizzy was important to you, but you also made my other kids feel special. Thanks so much. I hope we can meet one day. Now that makes me smile bigger. That's right.....we've never met. 

Christmas time is always a time that Damon and I feel lost with Lizzy. Our emotions run high and we start feeling bad that she just has no idea what is going on. We are grateful for Lizzy and feel blessed everyday, but we do feel sad for her this time of year. Dang it......I hate sulking or having anyone feel sorry for me. I was feeling this way about a week ago......but some special people helped. Our church pulled together and had a prom for children with special needs. What a night. I swear, Lizzy didn't have cerebral palsy that night. I felt like Lizzy could see and understand everything that was happening around her. She had no disability at the prom. I felt like the mom of a normal teenager! I got her a dress and some bling bling! Lizzy wore new boots and tights! If Lizzy could speak, she would say her best accessory was the broach that her sister, Emily, bought for her.

Me: Em, I think we should get Liz this pin that says joy. I like it. It's perfect, I'm getting it!
Em: Momma, I like this one better.(She is holding it for me to see)
Me: Eh.....I like this one. Lizzy laugh IS pure JOY Em! Let's get this one.
Em: But momma, Lizzy is one of God's children and I think she should have this one.

And it looked perfect!

Thank you Dave Moen for having a heart for my child! Our family loves you and feel so blessed to have you in our lives. Go bless you!

So why is this prom such a big deal to me and parents of the 35 kids that came? It was part of normal life that we got to experience. The excitement that Em and I had when we went looking for boots and other stuff for Lizzy was something that we won't experience again. Lizzy thought we were just going to church because it was at church:-) I felt like I was a part of the normal parents life. You know, the ones without a child like Lizzy. Felt good. Really good! I saw a lot of compassion that night. I felt "included" and excited for Lizzy. So thank you Beach Church and everyone that was involved in any way. 

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

    -Franz Peter Schubert


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