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I can't believe that we get to do this. I am so excited that you get to come along with us with your words of support and prayer. We feel blessed to have this opportunity to give to our Lizzygirl. If you didn't get to read the article that I recently wrote about HBOT, please consider reading it. I have made it accessible on the right sidebar.

I will be posting videos of Lizzy. It will be so neat seeing her improvements with each "dive" she does. The center is 4 hours south of us. We will be staying Monday through Friday and coming home on the weekends. She will be getting in 2 dives a day for 20 days. We start June 27 and will finish up July 22.

Our pray is for improvement and progression. We have seen very little of either in 4 years. Lizzy has so many "issues" that she struggles with. Actually, I really don't think that she is the one struggling. I think that it is us who struggle with the fact that she has not talked, has seizures, is blind, still in diapers, has mobility issues, etc. If this treatment only improves her vision, I will be ecstatic!

Join us! Lizzy would be overwhelmed if she understood the amount of friends and family that love her and want the best for her. Thank you for being there and here for us. Follow us. Just click the "follow" button.


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