Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Set

We are leaving Sunday night and this house is rockin' with excitement! I kid you not, it's all we are talking about. We have two friends that have their children there now and get updates on them.....UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Damon and I will be taking Lizzy and Jack with us for the first week. Emily is staying back with nana and papa. She has pre-team gymnastics twice a week and it's not free:-)

The Hampton Inn of Hilton Head was willing to work with us while we are there. We needed a suite with a kitchenette. Lizzy has to have her own room because she is a light sleeper. Plus, I'm not going to bed at 8:00pm when she does OR getting up at 6:00am. NO THANKS!

We have our hotel set and the prescription in hand! We are ready! Ready for what? ANYTHING! Please pray for us. I will post while I am there.

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