Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This and That

We have been getting requests to post something everyday. We understand that many of you know Lizzy and us personally so it's....well personal. Would you believe that this little blog has been viewed over 300 times in just three days! People are reading this blog from Mexico to Germany! So, although, each day may not bring anything exciting, I will post. You have my word.

We have settled into a nice routine. Damon takes the morning dive and I take the afternoon dive. So we get to the clinic about 8:50 and they are diving by 9:00. Jack and I just hang out. However this morning, I forgot something very important. Lizzy's pacifier. I started to panic because she needs it for the first fifteen minutes and the last five minutes. When you start a dive you feel the pressure and you just continue to swallow or yawn before your ears pop. Lizzy doesn't know to do that so she just sucks her pacifier. I immediately said "I will drive back and get it!" Damon grabs my arm and says "babe, she did fine with me yesterday.  She let it fall out of her mouth quite a bit." Brian (guy in charge) tells me that he will take them "down" slower so she won't be able to feel it.  Well, she did fine and I made a stink for nothing. I am a creature of habit and if things are not the exactly the same (when it comes to Lizzy) I get anxious. I just kept telling myself to breathe!

We came back to the hotel and I fed Lizzy lunch. Damon decided to take Jack to the beach for a bit while we were diving. I felt okay at the time. Once again, I started getting anxious without Damon there to set us up before going in. Breathe Lisa! We were fine and Lizzy didn't have a nose bleed this time. She has never felt pain from them but you just feel so bad. When she rubs her nose, she smears it and looks like she had been punched. looks painful.

She is sound asleep right now. Damon and Jack went down to the pool. I have some quiet time. Which is rare in the summer time. We get to sleep in tomorrow! Our first dive isn't until 12:00.  Continue praying, we can feel God's hand on us!!!

See you tomorrow!

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CoachHodgins said...

So glad to see things are going well!! Can't wait to hear more. And yes....BREATHE!! You are not in control, HE IS and HE's GOT THIS!!! Love you!!


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