Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funny Things

So Lizzy farted (passed gas, pooted, whatever word you want to insert here) in the chamber today! Yea....with no way out and being claustrophobic it was a nightmare. I had a crossword book in there and was able to "fan the fart" right back at her. Don't think she cared one bit. I apologize if I was not very classy with this first paragraph. From here on, I promise I will be....try to be:-)

We had the morning to relax. Her first dive was at noon with Damon so we went to Target and bought her a new rattle for the chamber and some new pacifiers. Went to KFC for her. Individual mashed potatoes and TWO individual mac and cheese. Yes, she ate every morsel of food.  She is the heaviest child we have seen. There is a young girl who is 17 and is 46 pounds! Lizzy is 77 pounds! What? C'mon, she is a healthy 77 pounds!

I did the afternoon dive. Before I got in the chamber, Damon asked me " Do you need some ice? How about another pillow?"  Hahahah....I had to laugh. This is what HE needs while in there! I just jump on the bed and they roll us in!

We have noticed that she seems to understand that she has little room to move. She gets in the chamber and just plays with her toys. It does stay warm in there but it is tolerable. Again, we really won't see anything until around dive 20. That is next Friday. Patience.

Here is a video of her in the chamber with Damon today. You will see that she is pulling at her ear. Dr. Pete (Doc in charge) said it looked a little pink when he looked in there. He said it should be fine tomorrow.

I have added some websites for you! They are on the right side of the blog under Great Links. The link to Hyperbaric Therapy is where we are in Hilton Head.

We are fine with receiving texts or emails during the day. If you have specific questions, just let us know. We love hearing from all of you. We come home for the weekend tomorrow. Then we go back Sunday night! Love you all!

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Kelli said...

Hey Lisa, it's Team Lizzy checking in! The video is great and seeing her looking around so much is promising! She even made direct eye contact with the camera and the TV a few times! She's such a beautiful and precious girl<3


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