Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Would You Rather Be #1 or #2?

No, I am not talking about NASCAR or things you might be doing in the bathroom. Read on:-)

Our van has a really great feature. One the driver side door there are two buttons marked 1 and 2. I am number 1 and Damon is number 2. These are the settings we like the seat set at. Sometimes I'll get into the van and won't have to adjust the seat. I like that. Knowing that I can get right in and go! Then there are times I get in and my seat has been adjusted. It is set for driver #2. There have been times when I will TRY to drive as driver #2,  but get really uncomfortable. So, with just a push of a button, I can put it right back. But, it still upsets me. I am not great with change or when I expect something one way and get another, it LITERALLY throws me off for a bit. So #1 is comfortable and preferred. I am going somewhere with this.

Damon took the kids to the movies last night. I get a text from him asking to meet him and the kids for dinner around 6:30. I immediately tense up thinking about taking Lizzy out to a restaurant THAT late (really isn't but her bed time is 7:15)! I wanted to text him no, but decided to do it anyway. We get there a little before they do and I roll up with Lizzy. I walk in and find the hostess looking at me. "What can we do for you, where would be best for you, we want to you be comfortable, whatever we can do just let us know!" I thought to myself...wow....this guy MUST know a person with disabilities! He did. His brother's wife's aunt's cousin.........er......someone. I can tell from the way Lizzy and I are treated and spoken to if their life has been touched by a person with special needs.

We get seated and Damon shows up with the kids. The server comes to the table and never acknowledges or even looks at Lizzy. I was fine with it but again, probably doesn't know someone with special needs.

It really got me thinking. There are people that will sit in driver #1 all their life. Comfortable, safe, predictable, etc. Happy to never move that seat a centimeter to see if that adjustment would make a difference. Maybe moving the seat UP would let you see things better. My point is this. You can either sit in the number one position with the world moving all around you. Never leaving your comfort zone to experience things that could change your life. Or you could push that #2 position to stretch and grow! Learning new things, getting to know new people, reaching out to a specific communities of people (cancer awareness, CP awareness, Autism, ALS awareness).

I believe that YOU have been touched by reading about Lizzy. I bet that when you see a child with cerebral palsy, you feel as if you can connect with that child (or adult). You may feel "less" uncomfortable around them. Maybe the grunting or squealing doesn't bother you anymore. There may come a time when you will volunteer at a local school in a classroom filled with kids like Lizzy. You will feel blessed when you become more aware.

I am creating a video to bring more awareness to cerebral palsy. I would love to have your pictures and videos. This video will be posted here, on the blog,  which means it will be published on the internet.

It is finally cooling down here and that means it is very difficult to keep Lizzy's hands and feet warm. It you come across some slippers for children that STAY on, let me know. I need them. As soon as her shoes come off, she tears her socks off, so we need something that stays on! Thanks!

By the way, I am a #1. Trying to push myself into a #2 position. It is easy to get comfortable....even with Lizzy!

 Loves her duck!

Thanks Kristen Rogers for the pom pom for Lizzy!

See the colored lights from the toy lit up in these pictures? That means she has learned where the button is to turn it on! A-ha! Little blessings!

Go Lizzybug!

Have a great day.
God Bless.

I wore yellow for National Microcephaly Day. Did you?


Crystal McClure said...

I am like you. A #1. I try really hard to ease into the #2 position as I realize sometimes this needs to be done. Sometimes we need to experience something, new or out of the norm so we can grow and change. Good luck with easing into #2!

It's All True said...

I don't think I've ever been a #1. My dad had polio when he was twelve and never walked after that. He was an inspiration to everyone and his perseverance rubbed off on me and made me far more than capable of taking care of Betsy. Robert is the same way. I couldn't do this without him. So we are both #2's and proud to be so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa...I am a #2...don't know if you knew but before I was Lizzy's caseworker in SC I ran group homes in CA for people with CP and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)...took the residents of one of my houses out to a Mexican restaurant for a birthday dinner... another person dining in the restaurant called the owner over and told him "kick them out of here...you don't want that kind of people in your restaurant"...he walked away and came back with her order in to go boxes and said "I don't want your kind of people in my restaurant, you can leave now and don't come back"...that became my favorite restaurant after that!
love and hugs to you and Lizzy!!


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