Thursday, October 6, 2011

Proud Momma

I am proud of all three of our children. We have truly felt blessed to have our two girls and our little buddy! Emily is our middle child. She turned 9 in August and loves gymnastics, animals, and writing. She is a wonderful daughter and I still can't believe that she is mine! Although Lizzy is our oldest, Emily has all the characteristics of a first born.

The other night she asked me if she could feed Lizzy. I think I may have answered "I don't think so, Em." She started telling me that she was old enough, she wanted to help me, and that I should let her. Lizzy gets a feeding right before bed and has medicine in it.  I wanted to be sure Lizzy got every bite. There is singing involved and I just didn't think that this control freak could risk it. Maybe another time.

I am so glad Emily was persistent.  She SHOVED me into a #2 position and I loved it!

Looking at my girl gently wiping her sister's face.
All gone!

When she finished feeding Lizzy, Emily says to me "told ya mom."  Yeah, I had that coming. Emily has been wanting to help with Lizzy in general but I've felt that she isn't ready. I am so proud of her. She fed her the exact same way that I do. Right down to the way I sit on the floor with her. I feed her on the floor because it is easier to just go where she is!

We are back in Hilton Head for oxygen therapy! We got here about 6:00 tonight. I'm so excited and can't wait to tell you all about it! 

God bless!


Anita Howell said...

Ow my gosh Lisa!!! This is absolutely precious. Love those girls and their Momma!! Beautiful beautiful blog!!

Jenny.U said...

This is how my 6 yr old is with her 15-1/2 yr old special needs sister. AMAZING!! I found your blog thru "Cerebral Palsy Family Network" on Facebook. We have a lot in common.


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