Friday, October 7, 2011

Diving For Healing

Yes! We are back. Lizzy and I slept really well last night! The Hampton Inn has the most comfortable beds. You melt right into the pillow.  I had trouble getting the bug out of the bed this morning!  See what I mean?
Lizzy is in there...somewhere!

She does this thing with her chin where she sweeps it from side to side making a swooshing sound!

She tried to go back to sleep.

We had a good first day. Lizzy's ears bothered her and she cried for a bit. Dr. Pete said that her body needs to adjust to diving again. I was in there with her so she had her momma! No nose bleeds though! While I was in the chamber with her, I was able to catch up on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show and Handy Manny! Remember, we are in the chamber for 1.5 hours.  Also, I won't be taking pictures of her in the chamber....since I am in there with her. The clinic is about a mile or so down the road, so we walked there. It is so beautiful here. Walking with Lizzy gives me an ego boost. People are constantly turning their heads to see her. It is a big stroller and everyone is curious. I tell myself that they are looking at me cause I am sooooooo good lookin'! Keeps me walking fast! It is funny because here you see people running and biking. I am pretty sure this is a very healthy town. Maybe the reason people are curious is because you don't see a person walking a 12 year old down the street. They just don't see it here.

Nice glasses mom!

She is my supergirl!
Thanks for all the messages and for praying for us. I love having the support of family and friends. The staff here at the Hampton Inn remembered us and offered to help us in any way! Love this place!

I wanted to share a video of Lizzy from the other day. Just so you know, we only say shut up to make her laugh. Enjoy!

God bless! 

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