Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There is one thing (that I am willing to admit) that I wish I could change about me as a mom. I wait until the last minute to get something that I have to have. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, it doesn't matter. So getting a pumpkin for our front porch or running through the pumpkin patch was something we thought of doing weeks ago but never got around to it.

Sunday was the day. The day before halloween we all got in the van and headed over to the pumpkin patch. Kids were excited and couldn't wait to pick their own pumpkins to paint. We all would look and find that perfect pumpkin for our front porch. We even brought Marty (our shi tzu) to join in on the excitement. So we pull in and the kids are busting out of their seats. Damon gets Lizzy in her chair and rolls her up to the pumpkin patch. Picture perfect, right.

Oh my goodness, it was pitiful. I was so disappointed. Look at how many pumpkins are left on the pallets behind the kids.

There were rotten pumpkins, dented pumpkins, grey pumpkins, and pumpkins with warts. We wanted a perfect round pumpkin. That's it! I picked up a pumpkin I thought would be fine for our front porch. It looked okay and didn't roll over when I set it up so it worked for me. A gentleman that worked there walked up to me (at the same time, Damon was rolling by with Lizzy) and he said to me, "oh, you don't want that one, that has too many imperfections, let me find you a better one." I immediately felt proud. I looked at Lizzy and then back at him and said, "We're okay with imperfections."

We took our "perfect" pumpkin home and to further teach us a lesson, it was so hard we had trouble getting a knife in it. We tried every tool we had just short of Damon's chainsaw. Finally got it carved and lit up.

Perfection. Right. This pumpkin story reminds me of Lizzy or any person with a disability. We were hoping for a perfect, bright orange, and round pumpkin but instead found beauty in one that others may find ugly or imperfect.


Speaking of ugly and imperfect, I have been trying to get healthy. That was a joke because I find myself gorgeous and perfect! Just ask Damon. Seriously, within the last three weeks, my left foot has been hurting terribly. When I run on it, it seems fine. Unfortunately, I have plantar fasciitis and have stopped with my running program. I am committed to losing weight and getting healthy before I turn.....gulp.....4-0! I have a year and a half so pray for me as I stay focused and in the zone.

And while I am at it, I would like to introduce you to our new blog supporter. Danielle Hodgins hails from Medina, NY and is a Beachbody Coach. Committed to helping others (including myself) get healthy and fit for life. Her story is amazing and will move you to also get healthy. Check out her website and read her story. I found inspiration reading her story and other transformation/success stories. Her link is on the right of the page under supporters or you can click on her name.

It's is getting colder here and I need to shop for some warmer and bigger clothes for Lizzy. Time to hit the consignment shops!

God Bless!


It's All True said...

This made me laugh. I'm always late and everybody knows it. No one ever gets a card BEFORE their birthday. I loved your pumpkin - warts and all!

Lisa said...

No one EVER gets a birthday card. Kids included. When it's down to the wire for presents, I forget the card! My poor nieces and nephews never get cards either. To further embarrass myself, I forget most of their birthday EVERY year and feel horrible. I hate that it may look like I don't care, but I love them all so much.

Our pumpkin is starting to wither....already:-)


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