Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only You Remain

Can you imagine living a life where nothing changes. Everything remains the same. From your routine in the morning right down to what you eat.  Would you be content? Could you be a positive person? Know anyone like that?

I have wanted to get back here and write about Lizzy, but honestly......there is nothing to write about.  Nothing. Everything is the same since the last post. Everything has remained the same and I was having a pity party until God slapped me across the face....HARD.

I heard a song from Mercy Me. It's called Only You Remain. A constant in my life. Why do I focus on these petty things with Lizzy? She is happy and healthy. I began to think about how his love is something that remains the same. Something to be happy about. Never changes. His love reminds me of how child like Lizzy loves.  No grudges. No expectations. Unconditional. Lizzy has no concept of holding a grudge and it's wonderful.

So even though, in our home, we live in routine and what seems like monotony, we can be happy about one thing that NEVER changes.....His love for me. His love for Lizzy. His love for you.

My camera needed repairing and I just got it back. So happy. I've missed taking pictures of my girl. Isn't she beautiful?

I have taken some action with getting healthy. I have done something that is crazy.....yes, I have started a blog to document my journey. I know, right? Not like me. I need accountability. Knowing that people are reading and waiting to see results puts big pressure on me.....and I need that!

Here some great pictures of Lizzy from the week.

Oooooo......that drool was mid-drip!

Playing with dad.

Have a great week.
God bless.

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our home to yours said...

I'm so thankful that God is constant, and I'm thankful when my days don't change, that just means no crisises. (little hard trying to spell that, lol) And Lizzy is a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit, you can see it in her eyes.


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