Friday, September 23, 2011


I was feeding Lizzy this morning and while we were talking (we talk about everything in the morning from how her clothes are fitting to what she will eat for lunch), I was telling her about her blog and all her friends and family that read it. I was asking her what she thought about the current and upcoming sponsors. Like she was going to say something profound, right? I kid you not, I looked into her eyes and she told me something. Before I tell you, I have sweaty palms and feel like I have been reprimanded. Here it goes.......I saw disappointment. Her eyes were telling me that doing what everyone else does was not what this blog was for. Let me explain. I read other blogs and see companies advertisements plastered all over it. So being the follower (not really) that I am, I did just that! I started to think back to why I started her blog. It was never to generate income, I promise. It was to document Lizzy's life and promote more awareness to cerebral palsy. I feel like I have let Lizzy down in a way. I hope that I have not chased anyone away or disappointed you. I am sorry.

I have a great idea that would make my little girl proud of me. Instead of sponsors, we will have supporters!
You will love this. I want to bring for awareness and attention to cerebral palsy. This is how we can do that. Send me an email with your company and logo. I will review your website content. After I have approved your company all you have to do is link the image below to YOUR website or blog. I will then link your logo under SUPPORTERS. How does that sound? This is free and open to all businesses based upon my approval. Feel free to send product samples at anytime!

March is CP awareness month but I want to bring attention to it and celebrate it everyday!  Here is the image you will need to link us to your site. You can also find it under the the SUPPORTERS tab at the top!

God bless each of you today! I love this song. This song "Blessings" is for my new friend Betsy Brewer and her family. Finding the blessings in life may not always be easy for you. You are my inspiration.


It's All True said...

I see those precious faces and it just brings tears to my eyes. The music is beautiful. I'm so glad you answered my post. God must have thought I needed a little help.

Tammy said...

Thank you for that song Blessings Lisa it really ministered to me. Love your supporter idea. Happy late birthday Lizzie. <3


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