Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brutal Honesty and Selfishness

First off, the fact that you are reading this right now makes me feel honored.  I have something to say and YOU want to hear (read) it. Truly humbled. Thank you. I apologize that this post is not all about Lizzy.

I got a phone call the other day from mom and she was crying. She was telling me about a Ukrainian couple that had just died in a car accident. I did know them. They came to my house. We had dinner with them. Talked and laughed. I could understand about every third word.  Played the wii and couldn't stop laughing. I remember thinking that the wii board had a weight limit on it. I didn't care. His name was Illusha and might have been the biggest guy I had seen in my life. His wife's name was Diana. She was a little, little woman. So you can imagine what they looked like together. Beautiful, beautiful husband and wife.

Their baby girl, Ester, survived the accident along with her Aunt Snezhana (Diana's sister) and cousin Karina (Diana's neice). I tell you their names so you can pray for them. That broke my heart in a million pieces. Why did God take them both and leave Ester? I got to thinking about my Lizzy. There is something that I have prayed for all these years and what I'm about to say is as honest as a person can get. For some, it may come off sounding selfish. Some may be hurt I pray for this. I pray that Lizzy and I go to Heaven at the same time. This may be part of my being so connected to Lizzy and wanting to protect her from ever being alone. I know she won't be alone in Heaven but I want to place her hand in the hand of Jesus. I know I have two other children that are strong and will navigate though life with no problems. Yea, I guess it's selfish for me to want this. I know. God knows the desires of my heart.

My Lizzy. 

Two warriors for Christ returned home on August 31, 2011. They will be missed because they were loved. Illusha and Diana. Please locate the music playing at the bottom of your screen and pause it. The video has music. 

Please contact me if you would like information on how to give to a memorial fund that has been set up for their daughter, Ester. 

God Bless!


Kelli and Paul said...

I hate to ask so many qestions but I want to know more about them. After reading this and seeing the video, I want to know their story. How old is Ester? I saw a picture of her first birthday but not her second. How did you meet Illusha and Diana? What do the words in the video say?

As far as what you want for Lizzy, I don't see that as selfish at all I just see it as deep love and responsibility. You are responsible for Lizzy why should you feel that would ever have to stop?

Give us more info Lisa, we want to know this beautiful couple as much as you did as we pray for all that are affected by this tragedy.

~Team Lizzy~

It's All True said...

It's not selfish. I know exactly how you feel. Who will love Betsy like I do? Who will care for her like I do? This is my biggest worry as I get older.

Lisa said...

I am trying to get a link for the memorial fund.

They came over from the Ukraine about two years ago. Mom and dad go to there every year with their church. So when they came to the states, Mom and dad brought them here. They were so cute. I had a chocolate fountain with all the goodies and he kept sneaking treats so Diana wouldn't see him. He was a bit self conscious of his size. She was just so little and he was the opposite. Tall and solid.

I will find out but I am pretty sure their daughter just turned 1. I know. Breaks my heart. I am pretty sure that in the near future a facebook page will be set up in momory of them. I will let you know.

Lisa said...

I know that you know Cheryl. Makes me sad that the feeling never goes away. Your saying this means so much to me. I am not alone.


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