Saturday, September 10, 2011

No.....Not Yet

Love our Lizzy. You already knew that. What you may not know is that I would rather her be about 40 pounds lighter. Lizzy is so healthy. We know several children that have cerebral palsy, older than Lizzy, and weigh a lot less than her. She is just more girl to get around. When she wants to be near you, it really means in your lap! Ya know, like she is a toddler! This "little" girl weighs almost 80 pounds and it is all dead weight. Really, no help at all. If I need to adjust her while in my lap, I literally have to lift her entire body. Heavy breathing, grunting, using every muscle in the body, and profusely sweating! I mean, the upper strength that I have would amaze you. Then there is the "holding Lizzy on my hip as if she were a year old" position. I know, what am I thinking, right? I don't even think about it anymore. She stands up and I lift her up onto my left hip and we go. She doesn't feel that heavy. But she is. I had a massage about a year ago and the woman told me to go see a chiropractor! C'mon....can't be that bad.

She will be twelve on 9/19. Those of you that personally know us remember how her birth went. I will post on her birthday with her birth story. Promise! You will know every detail of what happened. Her CP could have been prevented. Moving on.......

So she is getting older and I was changing her this morning and thought to myself.....Lisa you have some strong body odor (BO). Impossible! I just woke up and I smell like roses when I get up....ask Damon:-) I decided, just for fun, to pretend it was Lizzy. So I said to her, " Lizzy, after you go running, you have to shower and clean yourself." I giggled and sniffed her armpit! WHAT IN THE WORLD???? It was Lizzy! It was so stinky that I used a baby wipe to clean them. It was at this point, I began to realize that Lizzy's body is going through some changes that I wasn't ready for. She already "looks" like a teenager. Does she has to smell like one too? I'll just cover it up with baby lotion:-) PUBERTY WON'T DEFEAT ME! It probably will though because I stress out easily. Pray for me! I'm scared.

Just started doing this. She usually hates this "diaper changing" position.

She likes the window down while playing with this. The wind **smacks**the toy her in the face and she just giggles and does it over and over and over! How about her pacifier, huh? I still can't believe it stays in her mouth! It is a little one for babies:-)

I was teaching when this happened. Locate the music player at the bottom of your screen and pause the music. The video has music.

I remember wanting to leave school to get Lizzy and just hold her. I remember crying for those that lost their loved ones. I remember praying that I would see Lizzy grow up. I remember.

God Bless!

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It's All True said...

We always ask Betsy why she is grunting while one of us is lifting her. She makes it sound like she is doing all the work.


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