Monday, September 26, 2011

A Happy Birthday

We did celebrate Lizzy's birthday. It was small and with just family. If we opened it up to friends, we would go broke feeding everyone. I swear she has more friends than I do. No she does not have a facebook page.......yet:-)

We celebrated Lizzy. We celebrate her life. A life we are so thankful for. So what do you get a 12 year old girl for her birthday? Make-up? Music CD's? Handbags? Clothes? Nah......not for this 12 year old! I usually hit the consignment shops for all the baby toys and wrap them in tissue paper. She loves both! This year, I sprang for brand new toys! It is getting harder to find toys for her because.....well........we have every baby toy ever made. Light up, vibrate, musical, you name it, we have had four of each. We have this one toy she has had since birth. It is a musical steering wheel that was white first but became purple a few years back. Her absolute favorite! It's dying. She drools all over it and that isn't good.

She had a white one when she was born that looked like this.

Then she had this one.

Pretty soon, she'll have none. I have searched EVERYWHERE! No luck. We are trying to replace this toy with similar ones. This SHELCORE DRIVING WHEEL TOY will be missed. I shamelessly put the picture and the name of the toy in your subconscious. Be on the lookout for it and let me know it you see it anywhere!

***Beep Beep Beep......let's go***

I am so excited to announce a new supporter! Wynnette Smith of Shirley's Sweets is an experienced and talented baker. I have personally experienced her cakes and will be calling her for every birthday, holiday, first days of seasons, last days of school, etc. Sorry folks, she is a local baker so if you don't live in the area, I feel very sorry that you won't be able to eat a slice of her cake. Check these out!

Emily, Paige, Lizzy, Jack, and Nate

Wynnette is a wonderful person and would love your business. She was first person I would see in the morning when Lizzy would go into school a few years ago. I would always hear "Good morning Lizzy". Lizzy knew who she was and would just squeal. 

Lizzy may not know that we celebrate her every year with cake and presents and we are all ok with that. God gave her to us and she is our gift that we celebrate everyday, every month, all the time.

Happy Birthday Lizzybug!

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