Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Happy. My heart is full today. Lizzy was happy to have her family back! Damon says to me this afternoon...."you haven't stopped smiling today"! I was pretty happy too. Damon was not feeling well this morning so he stayed back for the first dive. Lizzy is so cool diving alone! 

Nice hair Lizzy. Your Nana is going to have a fit because it looks like that! I do baths at night and just don't brush her hair before bed. Nana does them in the morning and brushes her hair out for the day.  Looks like a mohawk! Sorry Liz! 

The second dive was with Emily. She could wait to get in there with Lizzy. Such a pro!

Love the symbolism in this photo. Touching. Love. Comforting.

Ironically, Emily picked the movie A Bug's Life to watch while diving. We have collected ladybug stuff for Lizzy since she was given an outfit from her Aunt Sharon (shout out) when she was a baby. It had ladybugs all over it. Since then, she has been "the bug" of our family. Our bug's life has taught us so much over the years. Our bug's life has touched so many. She is so loved, I know she is. You have made it known to us that you love her. 

Lizzy is trying so hard to get her eyes to focus that it looks kind of......ummmmmm.....

Let's move on.

We went to Wendy's and then to the local park tonight. My kids are so beautiful! When I have my camera they become impossible to photograph. But if someone else takes a photo, they become these perfect angels. Sometimes I get some good ones.

Oh Jack Jack!

What a beautiful park. There is one thing that is a bit strange and maybe someone can enlighten me here. They have THIS here. Free to swim and roam about. No fence or way to keep it in the lake!

They have signs posted. Do not feed the alligator! Really.......feed it what? Bread crumbs? Sticks? Children? Chicken? Pickles? I am not sure what it eats so my mind runs wild with it!

Back tomorrow? I'll be right here. God Bless!


stephanie (your cuz) said...

Love it!! Glad to see the family back together again! Scary Alligator! Hope Damon feels better!

Kelli and Paul said...

I love the sister photos! And now you have me wondering... what do alligators eat? Paul watches that crazy show called "Swamp People" so I know they eat raw chicken but I like the idea of pickles hahaha!
~Team Lizzy~

Tammy said...

I love how happy Lizzie is. Don't like the alligator though lol. Glad your whole family is with you again it makes things all better... :)


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