Monday, July 4, 2011

Not Quite The Same

This morning was not as smooth as last Monday. Lizzy went to bed about 10:00 last night and woke up about 2:00 wanting to play. Squealing and clapping, I was frustrated. So I fed her about 4:00, she fell asleep about 5:00, and we were up at 7:00. So we are a little bit tired this afternoon. Hopefully, this is just a hiccup!

This is the week we could start to see something changing with her. However, I KNOW her vision has improved. I know that this is hard to see with the glare on the chamber but this little girl was looking right at me. I mean for real. Both eyes in the right direction looking at her mama!
Ok, so maybe not right at me but in my direction! Look at her focusing, folks!

That sippy cup of water is for Damon. Hahahahahahah! Sorry babe!

Another significant improvement was discovered when I was walking her into church yesterday. We park in the handicap spot and it still was taking us 20 minutes to get into the church building. I swear, I felt like I was pulling a donkey. However, this Sunday was VERY different. She walked upright holding my hand with no fussing. Walking was smooth and I was not even aware of it until we got into the children's building lickety split! WooHoo.....little blessings!

This week has a different feel with Emily here. She has a thousand questions. We wouldn't mind, only Jack has repeated every question right after her. She might go into the chamber with Lizzy tomorrow. I am already anxious about it. 

The dive usually lasts about an hour and a half. We wait in the waiting room and just check on each other from time to time. So how do we keep them entertained? Believe it or not, crayons and coloring books don't cut it anymore. I still bring them and offer to color with them. I am a nerd and love technology so when it comes to my birthday, anniversary, etc., Damon gets me fun gifts and now we are an Apple family. 

Playing the same game on the iPod and iPad. I am blogging on my macbook:-)

Cousin Braden downloaded it for us! Thanks Braden!
After the dives today, Damon couldn't wait to take Emily and Jack to Parris Island for the 4th of July celebration. It is Marine Corps Recruit Depot near Hilton Head Island. Lots of things for kids to do. Damon respects the military so much and insists that Jack is going to go to the Citadel in Charleston, SC after high school. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Damon signs a letter of intent for Jack to go to Parris Island after high school. Hahahah...yea, he is that serious about it for Jack's future! 

Damon's dad was a Marine and we are so thankful for his service. Having the freedom to drive our daughter to get treatments that could improve her cerebral palsy is not something we take for granted. Thank you to all of our servicemen and servicewomen for the sacrifices that you have made. 

Have a safe July 4th! 

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