Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Blues

This process is brutal. I am leaving with Lizzy this afternoon........alone. All by myself. Solo. Any sympathy at all? Have I portrayed myself as this independent, responsible, superwoman? Shoot.........then I have a confession.  I'm not. Crying like a 2 year old that just had his favorite toy taken away. I loved my husband more than ever for being here with the two kids. I weighed them before I left and again when I came home just to be sure they were fed! They one lost weight. He took such good care of them. And I was kidding about weighing the kids.

Mom asked me a question last week that has made me really think. She ask me if I ever, in a million years, thought when I was younger if I would be the woman, wife, mom, that I am today. The answer is NO! Many of you may not know me very well, but I grew up in a home that........let's say this........our home is completely different and our children are raised differently too. I was confused about everything when I left Ransomville, NY (shout out!) So glad I met Damon and his family. Did I ever think that I would have a child like Lizzy. NEVER! The thought never crossed my mind. When I taught, I would go across the hall into the PMD (profoundly mentally disabled) and talk to the teachers. I would try NOT to interact with the kids. I was terrified of them. Well, when one of them walked up to me and bit my arm, I never went back into that classroom. That fall I had Lizzy.

I can't express how grateful I am that God gave me Lizzy. We all learn from our kids as parents. Three of the biggest things we have learned as a family is patience, tolerance, and compassion.

My 20 year class reunion was this weekend in Wilson, NY (shout out!) and I was sad to miss it. I am so proud of the person that I have become. It would have been nice to see everyone but I would miss them all to be doing this with my Lizzy. I am so proud of her for being able to tolerate all trips to the clinic, different places, the chamber, all of it. Her neurologist reads this and he might have something to say about this.......but......we are beginning the "weaning of the seizure meds" this week. Honestly, the pharmacy can't seem to get the meds and she still has had no seizures. YES.....she has been seizure free for some time now. Well, since we started the treatments. What we have been seeing is her reaction to being startled!  Could this be? Our Lizzygirl has been having seizures for 11.5 years!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, get excited! 

I am sorry about the way the previous post came out. It might have been hard to read. I will be back tonight with an update on how the drive goes. Lizzy isn't great for know being non-verbal and all. I still talk to her and ask her questions just because.

THANK YOU FOR THE WATERMELON.......who ever left the yummy watermelon a couple of weeks ago at our doorstep....that was AWESOME. Do it again:-)

God bless!


golfer1garin said...

HI Lisa, DAmon, Lizzy, Emily and Jack.

I ahve been following all of your posts. I am with you all the way. Lizzy is just God's special angel and I love her too. I love this picture of her and she looks just darling. You are all so brave and I admire you. We never know how God is going to do His work do we?

Love to all,

Nancy Garin

Anonymous said...

Love you!


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