Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Day For A Control Freak

As a parent of a child with special needs, you feel the need to control everything. I'm positive that my family will agree with me when I say this. I have to control everything "Lizzy".  I'm not this way with Emily or Jack, just the bug. Having said that, the pharmacy still has not been able to get one of Lizzy's medicine.  I was absolutely livid about it. She must have her medicine to control her seizures. Well, almost two weeks know what pharmacy?  I don't need it anymore (back in control).  You can keep it! Our hotel room door slammed so hard this morning that it almost threw me into a seizure. I turn and look at Lizzy and, yea, it scared her, but......NO SEIZURE!  Seizure free!!

During our first dive, I got to thinking. What if I let Lizzy dive herself? Could I really let go of that? Does she need someone in there with her? What if she cries? What if she reaches around for me and I'm not there, how can I get to her. I was praying for us. Could she actually do this? Could I handle this?

Yea, I'm eating those words right about now!

I've no words. I'm sad......she doesn't need her momma in that chamber with her. I'm proud........she can do this. You know what? I'm proud of me too! We did it! What a big girl!

I want to include a picture of the men that rule the clinic. Yes, I said rule! They rock. They're the nicest guys with the warmest hearts! They're perfect for this! Lizzy reached out for Dr. Pete and he just scooped her up. Yea, all 77 pounds of her! She just giggled. I'm so glad that we don't have to say good-bye forever on Friday. We'll be doing monthly trips for treatment!

Dr. Pete Stephens and Brian Church

I went to Bi-lo across the street from the hotel this afternoon. I had to pick up a few things and I knew that I wouldn't be long. I put Lizzy in her stroller and grabbed a basket. After putting two items in the basket, I realized that this was going to be harder than I thought and I was tired from our walk in the 97 degree weather. We walked on the path under the trees!  I realized something else. I needed help. If you know me, I don't ask for help. I walked up to the customer service counter and told them my dilemma. In seconds, I had a personal shopper!!!!  All because I asked for help! This person walked behind me up and down the aisles for the next fifteen minutes.  Can you believe that? It was busy so she took me to her register and then took the groceries to my van! Service! That just made my day.
***Moral of the story****   Ask for help when you need it!

My sweet sweet girl.

God Bless each of you! Happy Monday!


Tammy said...

What an exciting post. We will keep praying Lisa.... Made me smile.. :)

Aunt Patty L said...

Lise,Kelli sent me the blog,and Stephie showed it to me at her house yesterday.I want to say that I'm so proud of you and your family for doing such a wonderful job in taking care of sweet,precious Lizzy.God is good,I see how happy she is and how He has given her life.I praise Him for her life,and how He loves her so mch more than we can.She is perfect.
Lizzy, sweet angel that you are.I want you to know that Aunt Patty loves you very much,and prays for you often.I praise our Father for you as you are so truly a perfect sweet girl.Beautiful,sweet,loving,and all the things little girls are made of.You bring so much joy,it's not hard to understand why our heavenly Father sent you here.To this family that loves you so very much.You have taught us to love all children,to do whatever we can in helping Gods very special kids. you showed how to love you,and I thank our Father for you.You have showed us so very much.My heart swells up with love for you as I think of you and pray for you.You are truly a special gift from our Father,and we were the fortunate ones that God choose to send you to.We love you angel,you are perfect in our eyes,God doesn't make mistakes. HUGS

Father I praise you for our Lizzy.Thank you for her,as we see her as you made her.Perfect in your image.I ask You Father that you continue to heal this sweet angel in ways that will astonish doctors in ways that they never though possible.Your ways are the right ways,and we know that you love Lizzy even more than mommy and daddy can,so we understand that we are to give her to you,to heal and make whole.I ask you Father to keep her healthly,no more seazures,heal her mind,eyes,and make her completely normal.Your word says "For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds,declares the Lord." Jeremiah 30:17
Thank you Father for our Lizzy.We praise you for what you have done.We praise you for this healing. To God be the glory. amen.
I love you all and will continue to pray,and praise Him for a healing. HUGS

TeamHodgins said...

Oh Lisa you are so amazing in so many ways. And Keep asking for help when you need it doll! ;~}
Love you so much! Danielle

stephanie (your cuz) said...

Love you guys!! Hang in there you are doing great!! Love the blog!! Sure hope I figure this comment thing out, havent been able to, but I see my mom figured it out, so I better get it!


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