Thursday, July 7, 2011

Extra Support

Today was another good day. Lizzy seems really antsy in the morning until she gets into the chamber. Then she seems settled. My prayer is that she understands how this is helping her and she wants MORE! Papa and Nana are here and are ready to experience "the chamber"!

Papa and Nana. Two very special people. Dick and Darlene Viele are loved by so many people. I love them with all my heart and my children do too. Damon is their son, so he has to:-) They have been right there with Damon and I since September 19, 1999. Every step. Every sickness. Every ER trip. Everything. They love our little Lizzy so much. They keep her overnight, pick her up from school, take her to school, take her to the mall, and just treat her as if she was their own daughter. I can't believe that I have been so blessed. They are mom and dad and I am so grateful for them.  They are so involved and want to be. Thank you Jesus for my mom and dad.

Papa and Lizzy walking into the clinic. Dad is so tender and gentle with her. I love you dad.

Nana and Lizzy laughing. Mom has the sweetest laugh that gets Liz going. I love you mom.

Dad wanted to take the first dive because Damon told him it would be cooler in the morning. Dr. Pete is just telling dad some information. papa see me and I see you sweetheart!

Thank you Papa for being with me today in the chamber. It gets a little scary near the end so I climbed up on you and snuggled. Thank you for holding me. I love you.....Lizzy

Now it was Nana's turn. Nana is more claustrophobic than I am and I was praying the entire time.
I love you Nana to the moon and back!

Mom did well. She had some skin cancer removed from her nose yesterday and is the reason for the bandages. Dr. Pete said that the oxygen will help with her healing! In both dives today, Lizzy lost the pacifier down the side of the chamber but did well without it!! I am thankful for that.

We had a great day. Dad took a nap then went swimming. Then we went out to eat at Longhorn. Did some shopping and came home. This picture sums up what kind of grandparents, parents, and friends mom and dad are to us.

Lizzy and Nana in the chamber today.


Anita Howell said...

Ow, my gosh Lisa!! They are just precious!!! Danggggg, now I need a tissue! Again, precious pictures. Anita

TeamHodgins said...

Oh how precious. I loved seeing the video, makes me feel closer! Love you Lizzy!!

Praying for you guys Lis! And I'm so thankful you were blessed with such an amazing husband and his parents. Love you. xoxoxo

Kelli said...

So thankful for Dick and Darlene. I love to see the genuine love in Lizzy's eyes for them both!
~Team Lizzy~

Tammy said...

I'm so excited to hear of Lizzie's progress. We wi keep you all in our prayers. Go team Lizzie!

Becky Marston Anderson said...

I still remember you calling me when Lizzy took her first look at her walking tall!!! You, Liz and your family are in my prayers! Love reading you blog and keep beleiving....celebrate the little changes...they will lead you to the bigger miracles!


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