Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, it happened. Mom and I had a fight this morning. We had to check out of one room and move to another. Here is how the heated conversation went.

Mom: Lisa, I will pack the room up while you and Lizzy dive this morning. 
Lisa: no.
Mom: well, why not. I can do it.
Lisa: because, I am not going to let my mother in law pack up the entire room without my help.
Mom: When did I become your mother in law, I've been Thelma all week!

I about died on the floor laughing. Later, mom explained herself. See, Thelma and Louise were crime. But partners, nonetheless. Mom has been great. Helped with the feedings, changing diapers, bathing, getting Lizzy in and out of the van, weight watchers partner, and some dives. So I understood her "Thelma" comment. 


We met a family yesterday morning while eating breakfast. They approached us quietly (which I understood why within minutes). They lost their 19 year old daughter in April. Her name was Rebecca. Rebecca had Retts syndrome and died from complications of having it. She was non verbal, visually disabled, had seizures, and basically was cared for 24/7. They approached us quietly as not to scare Lizzy. You could see in their eyes, they understood everything.

I thought about this family most of the day. I was sad for them to have lost their child but  was happy that they had almost 20 years with her. Lizzy has a diagnosis of microcephaly. Most of the research says that people with it have a shorter life span. Having been on internet support groups, I did not find too many kids over 10 years old and it scared me. I want more time with Lizzy. She is becoming a different girl than she was three weeks ago. She focuses more, babbles more, walks upright more, and just seems like she is loving life right now.


Thanks to a friend who bought this for her special needs son, I found Lizzy's new favorite toy! It is the LeapFrog music wand.

We will finish out the week with dives 29 and 30 tomorrow and go back to the beach. I love having mom here with me, but I do miss my awesome husband and kids. I respect anyone who spends long periods of time away from their spouse. I think Lizzy is more aware of where she is. She growls every time we come back into the hotel room. Right now, she is in her bed talking and grunting. When I say talking, I mean babbling.

If you needs a clean place to stay while in Hilton Head. You really should stay at this Hampton Inn. It has a wonderful breakfast every morning. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The beds are the most comfortable for a hotel and it is reasonably priced. It has been a wonderful place to stay. 

I have enjoyed your prayers for Lizzy and each one has been read. I will print them as soon as I get home. I hope you will be willing to do me another favor. I understand some of you may not be able to do this and I apologize. If Lizzy has touched you in some way or you have a personal memory of Lizzy, could you share it with us? I would love to use them in a future blog post. I would appreciate that and thanks!

Thank you for reading our little blog that has crept up to over 2,000 visitors. I have a friend (Amy:-}) reading in Ireland! We went international, folks! 

Oh...and mom and I are friends again:-)

 God bless. Have a great night!


Lisa said...

oh good, I can't wait to hear that toy. An amazing conversation with that family, truly a blessing. I bet that they really do understand and it makes me appreciate Lizzy even more. Believe me we are ready for you to come home, we miss you terribly. It has only been a week, but it has felt like a month without mommy. The house and the kids are relatively clean. See you soon, drive safe. Thanks mom for being there. Glad you are y'all friends again.

Kelli and Paul said...

I was enjoying reading tonight's blog as usual when all of the sudden I realized this is it. Paul & I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and the highlight of our day is when he comes home from work, showers and one of us will say to the other "is it Lizzy time now". I realize that I am the most emotional person in the world but I'm sad that the journey is coming to an end. I don't think that I have ever met Lizzy but I'm finally getting to know her night after night. She's my cousin and I love her. Lizzy is an amazing girl and you are an amazing mom Lisa!
Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Paul and I would love to spend some time with all of you so whenever that can be made possible... we are so in!
We love you
~Team Lizzy~

Tammy said...

I have been sharing your journey with my 15 almost 16 yr old daughter and you are really touching our lives with your faith and love for Lizzie. I have never met Lizzie personally but I feel like I know her. I grew up with you Lisa as a kid but you have grown into SO much more. What a great example of a mom and loving parent. Lizzie couldn't be more blessed to have you in her life. We are so thankful for the advances you are seeing each and every day encouraging yiu to keep on keeping on. Thank you for sharing and we hope yiu can still find time to not stop sharing. Don't think just because this adventure has stopped that the Lizzie story has to stop. We are and will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Keep the blog going Lisa. You go girl. Go Team Lizzie!


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