Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Note From Nana

Dear Liz,

Mom asked me to write in her blog today while you are in the chamber.  I think she is trying to help  me feel better about not being in there with you!  And she had the nerve to call me a "chamber hog"!  Man, I thought things were going pretty well, too.  I had prayed hard before coming here because I really was a scaredy cat about being cooped up.  Some people call it claustrophobia.  Whatever it is, I have it.  But after six dives, I felt like I was doing okay.  I could still make you laugh and though I never felt totally at ease, it was okay and I was happy to help out.  Then yesterday. . . wow, did that hurt.  I felt like you had hit me with a baseball bat!  I hope you didn't see me crying.  Two doctors looked in my ear and both said I was grounded!  Apparently, I broke some blood vessels in my ear.  They said it wasn't perforated but I could do lots of damage if I continued to dive.  Maybe later!.

Sorry about being such a baby, Liz!  I think back on so many times in your life when you have had to go through so many uncomfortable situations!  What a trouper you have been.  Even at birth you struggled so.  But you were determined to stay here and be a part of the family you had chosen while in heaven!  I remember standing by your incubator in the hospital.  The doctor asked me to watch the dials and when they dropped to a certain number, I was to rub your little back and talk to you.  Wow, did I ever do some praying that day.  I sang to you, touched your little body, and prayed for you.  I know even then there were angels all around.  You had to spend the next several days in Columbia.  Your daddy and papa were there with you until Mom and I could join you.

I remember your seizures and how scared we were.  How about the time you were transported to MUSC by helicopter. You were so little.  How frightening the next few days were.

But in every situation, God has been there with us.  I know you have special angels who are assigned just to you.  I see you looking at them and laughing at them.  Someday maybe you can tell us about them.  I don't want you to ever forget.  The knowledge that they are there and that they help you get through tough times brings us comfort.

Mom told me this was not to be a depressing entry so let me remind you of some of the really great times.  I remember when you learned to walk!  You were 6 years old.  I got a text from Mom saying, "She is walking!"  I was so excited I drove immediately to your school.  You and I walked down that hallway!  I was so proud of you.

I remember putting up wall paper in your room at Sumter.  Cute little teddy bears, I believe.  Dad didn't want anything too babyish nor too pink.  I think secretly he wanted that boy pretty soon so he made us paint part of it blue.

You've spent lots of time at our house creating such good memories.  We have gone to restaurants, church, the mall, amusement parks, and anywhere else we felt like going.  You love to be around people.  Papa always says you love different voices and sounds.  We take you proudly.  We love to be a part of your experiences.  I have tried to "Lizzy-proof" the house but I don't think it is possible.  As you have destroyed plants, books, lamps, fans and about everything else, I just look at you, laugh, and start taking pictures.  You have a great memory and the next visit you  just go right back to the last destructive site you had.  We love it! Wait till your parents get the bill!

Oh the love that you give.  Sometimes my neck aches from the hugs!  You clasp those fingers tightly and squeeze my neck.  There is nothing like those hugs.  And your laugh. . . it is so contagious!  I'm not sure which of us really gets it going, but I love to hear you laugh as much as you love to hear me.  Sometimes you fake a laugh just to get me going.  You know how much I love our little game.

Anybody who says you don't communicate your feelings easily has never been in the car with you during the first 30 seconds when your music isn't in the CD player.  Oh, and if you don't particularly like a certain song?. . . how fast you can make those ideas known.  How about eating?  Ok, so maybe you aren't too crazy about some of the concoctions I come up with. . .you could be a little more subtle!

And how you love to be with your Papa!  You have spent endless time on the swing in the back yard.  How many times he has told you about the birds, the trees, the rabbits, squirrels, and anything else he can ramble about.  I can't get two words out of him sometimes, but you can make him go on forever about nothing!  No matter how tired he is when he comes home from working or playing golf, when he sees you he completely lights up and greets you with such enthusiasm.  Oh, it is mutual.  You start looking for him the minute you come into the house.

Well, Lizzy I think Mom put a word limit on this entry and I think I probably have exceeded it.  You know how much I love you.  I began praying a year ago for a miracle for you.  I am still excited to see what God has in His mind for you.  Wow!

Love, Nana


Lisa said...

great letter, thank you so much for writing it; brought back a lot of memories. YOU HAVE BEEN THERE THROUGH IT ALL!!! It is amazing to think about how much we have been through over the last 11 (almost 12) years, but we could always count on Nana and Papa. We all have become stronger and able to deal with many different issues. Lisa and I have come to appreciate you more and more each day. This treatment is a big deal and we want you to know how much it means to both of us for you to be there. Thank you.


MamaJen said...

Lisa, Regardless of the circumstances It's only natural to want the best for our children and God understands that. We wanted the best for Bobby but just like you we are accepting to God's plan for us. Never-the less we do everything we can to make their lives better and are so thankful that He is always right there with us. God Bless Lizzy and all of you.

Tammy said...

Thank you for sharing all of that history "Nana" I know how important it is to have the support of family when we are going through our storms. Reading Lisas blows you can see how much she needs loves and address you both. Thank God for our parents and thank God for Lizzies parents.<3

Dena said...


Lizzy and your whole family is such as inspiration. Your love, faith, and perseverance is an example to all of us. Please know that our family is praying. Thank you for sharing your story and keeping us posted with the daily updates.

God bless you!


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