Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thelma and Louise

Girls trip to Hilton Head!!!!  Just the ladies. We kissed our husbands (and kids) good bye, took all the cash they had and hit the road. Mom and I were quite excited! We drove with the windows down, the wind was flowing our hair and van was moving.  Lizzy was tickled pink! This is our motto for the week 'cause we are two wild women!

I saw this bumper sticker and thought......yes....that's mom and I.  WOOOOOHOOOOO. Well, if any of you know mom or I, you KNOW that we are not that exciting! Damon tells me that I am not that adventurous and mom just follows what dad does. He is pretty mellow. We will behave.......we promise. We did make it just fine to the Hampton Inn around 6:00. Lizzy was tired and went to bed around 7:00. She needs to be rested for tomorrow's first dive at 10:30 with the new chamber hog of the family. Awe....nana!

Mom has this thing were she has to be completely settled in the hotel room before doing anything else. I mean she puts clothes in the dresser drawers, toiletries set up, etc! I have lived out of my suitcase for two weeks and never once thought to use the dresser. I guess if it's there, I should use it. 

The suite that we have has a nice big king size bed. I have been teasing mom, telling her that we will be spooning tonight. Hahaha......I think that it's fun to tease her a bit. Seriously, I am happy she is here with me. The suite has a foosball table and a playstation.  Maybe I can convince Damon to bring the kids down for a couple of days. They will enjoy this room more than mom and I will.  We'll have a great time filled with lots of memories. 

It has been easy for me lately to want more for Lizzy. I see children getting these treatments that has disorders and are functioning way above normal. So I am now dealing with guilt. So much guilt. Am I not happy with Lizzy the way she is? I do want her to be a normal girl. I didn't before this process. But now I do and I want it yesterday! Mom and I were talking on the way down here and she suggested that I re-read the beginning of this blog. Read the early entries. So I did. I want God to lead and me follow. This isn't even about me. Please pray for me. I struggle, I do. 

Time to spoon! Hahahah.....Thanks for your awesome words of encouragement! They keep me going! God Bless.


Kelli said...

Mom is so right! I was going to say the exact same thing last night when I read your blog. However, I am not in your shoes nor can I fully understand your emotional roller coaster. As you know, Paul & I read your blog every night and we have decided that we will end each reading in prayer together.

Matthew 18:20 "For where two or more gather in my name, there am I with them.”

~Team Lizzy~

darlene said...

Lisa, That's ok if you throw me under the bus! Only kidding! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. I believe wholeheartedly that God is in this. IN HIS TIME! I love you and Liz so much. I would do anything for that little girl! mom

Lisa said...

you know that if we could, we would all be there in a heartbeat. Love you babe.

Tammy said...

Lisa you are an inspiration. God please give her your strength and peace as she walks this road with Lizzie. She only wants what's best for her just as we know you want what is best for Lizzie. Thank you Lord for Your miracle.
Go Team Lizzie!


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