Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

We were sitting in the clinic waiting room while Damon and Lizzy were in the back when a mom with a little girl walks in. The young girl spots me greet her with a smile and immediately moves towards me. She holds up two Spongebob DVDs. Having them in our DVD collection, I said with excitement, "Those are the best movies! We love them". I could tell she was a little nervous about being there. She gave me a big smile and ran back to her mom. As they started to move towards the back, where the chambers are, I could hear her pleading with her mom, "I don't like change, mommy...I don't like change. I want to go back to the hotel". My heart. I about cried. I was there about a month ago. I hate change when it comes to Lizzy. I know that she doesn't do well with it so I don't like it for her. When we were thinking about this treatment, that is all we were doing.....thinking. When I sent the YouTube video of Curt Allen, Jr to Damon he said "we're doing that"! When Damon says that's it........that's it!!! Then I got nervous. Lizzy could be changed forever. Was I ready for a different Lizzy?

YES I AM! Remember when your mom or dad would tell you not to sit so close to the television because it could ruin your eyes? HEY LIZ......We want you right up ON the television. She is watching it with BOTH EYES!!!!  I am so excited. We aren't praying for perfect vision....just more vision.

I am so thankful that I followed that mother's intuition when it came to Lizzy and what happened to her at birth. We can afford these treatments without any hardships. The single mother that came into the lobby with her young daughter had 19 yard sales to get to Hilton Head from Georgia. The work that mother did to get her daughter help was moving, but I still felt bad.

They have these signs up in the clinic.

I think there are a few of them posted. I mean, c'mon....for real. No, not here. They are not that extreme. Just the obvious ones...cigarettes would be an obvious one. 


Ha Ha! Dr. Pete has a great sense of humor, doesn't he. Great man and doctor. He was all for having a little fun! ER doctor for 35 years and now does this full time. 

We went to iHop......I mean IHOP (apple mode, sorry) for brunch. I was waiting for Damon to get Lizzy out of the van when a car pulled up and rolled the windows down. Great, a drive by shooting is about to go down at the Hilton Head IHOP! Kidding....a nice couple was informing me of the cockroaches in the restaurant. I pleasantly said gross and thank you.  A few cockroaches wouldn't keep us from pancakes :-) Loading everyone up back in the van wasn't worth it so we stayed and ate there! No roaches so it was fine.

Went swimming this afternoon. The Hampton Inn has a great swimming pool. 

Lizzy was very different in the pool today. She hates putting her feet on the pool floor. She walked to Damon today in the pool! See her legs in the picture? That is how they always are. When I held her, she put them down and the only reason I noticed it was because I felt something touch my ankle and flipped out.  Just Lizzygirl!  So proud!

Went to dinner at Longhorn restaurant tonight. Anita and her son, Ryan joined us. With Lizzy and Ryan squealing, grunting, crying, screaming, and (Lizzy) just about hitting everyone around us with her toys, it still was a great time. I mean, they sat us right in the middle of the restaurant. Families like us want to be in a dark corner so not to disturb others. It definitely threw me out of my comfort zone! Anita leaves tomorrow and we will miss her and Ryan. 

Back here tomorrow? I can't believe this blog has been viewed over 1,000 times. Thanks. That makes us feel like what we are doing for Lizzy is worth it! Become a follower and you get the automatic updates:-)


Kelli said...

"a drive by shooting" hahahahahaha!
Thanks, Paul & I enjoyed tonight's blog very much. Love you guys!
~Team Lizzy~

Dena said...


I happened to come across your blog through a post on Aunt Darlene's FB.

Although I am not knowledgeable of the details of Lizzy's story, one thing is clear, you have chosen to build your family on the rock—which is the only answer. I can see through your comments that you love Lizzy so much and that your faith has sustained you through each and every step. I pray that Lizzy will receive a supernatural healing. I know that she is surrounded by love and grace and she is covered in prayer.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts as I stand in prayer for a complete healing.

Dena De Piazza (aka Dena Reiman)


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