Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Blessings

We are home. Home is where Lizzy is happiest. So the motto of the house is......if Lizzy's happy, we're all happy. We missed our family this week. This is the longest Damon and I have spent away from each other and it about broke my heart! But, this isn't about me, right?

Last night. Last night was unusual. Lizzy went to bed around 8:00 and we turned on the bathroom light and closed the door so just a sliver of light was coming through. Around 10:00 I decided that it was time that I go lay down with her. Yes, she was still up! So I go in and lay down with her. I turned her over on her back and rubbed her head for some time until she was mellow enough for me to leave the room.  I shut the bathroom light off and leave the room. I go back in around 11:00 and find her asleep.........ON HER BACK with her legs stretched out. Man, is she long. I cover her up and she turns over on her knees and goes back to sleep. THIS is kind of a big deal here. She must have been so stimulated that she couldn't sleep and with the light on, and her vision improving, she was looking around at all the new things around her. She found the black phone and pushed all kinds of buttons before I could get it from her.  Lizzy sleeps (or slept) on her knees up to her chest EVERY night for 11.5 years.  I am excited.

My favorite verse.
Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"  
John 11:40

I believe. Little blessings. I believe.

Mom was cleared to dive again. So she did and all was good. While she and Lizzy were in the last dive today, I went to get our lunch and some gas. I was on the phone with Damon when I pulled into the parking space at Dollar General (sodas for a buck). I hear this tap tap on my window. Two ladies needed a jump and so I tell Damon I was going to help and he says "do you know what you are doing"? Ummm.....turns out, I didn't even know where to pop the hood button was. I was completely useless when it came to helping these women out. We had small talk. They asked where I was from. I told them why we were in Hilton Head and turns out one of the ladies has heard of the clinic and has seen their advertisements. She also knows a child with Asperger's syndrome. I love when these little connections happen. Maybe oxygen therapy will benefit this child. 

Ok, so let me tell you about the woman in the photo. You can just call her superwoman. She did everything. Hooked the cabled up, popped the hood and saved the day! I am embarrassed to say that I didn't get either of their names. She laughed a bit when I took the picture. I told her that I was keeping a blog while we are getting treatments and she asked for the blog link. So maybe, just maybe, I will get their names after all.


We found another toy that Lizzy likes. We went to Marshall's last night and found this.

It's a huge magnifying glass. I think she can see things better with it. It was a $5.00 steal. I bet they thought they would never sell something dumb like that! GOLD! It makes our heads bigger than our body. We love it and it makes us giggle like kids playing duck duck goose!

So happy to be home. We have decided that we will continue with treatments once a month. Lizzy will complete 6 dives a month, every month! So.....the blog will continue through Lizzy's journey though HBOT! 

I want to share something that my cousin, Stephanie who was my very best friend in high school, wrote last night. I tried reading it to my mother in law (aka Thelma) and I couldn't because I was crying so hard.

So.....grab some tissues.

My Trip Down Memory Lane

I remember when it all started. Your Mom sent a letter with beautiful pictures of her when she was pregnant with you, walking to get her excercise and be healthy. She updated us with how she was feeling and how the pregnancy was going. She and Daddy were excited!

I remember getting the news of your birth, and the complications of what happened and that your tiny, little, beautiful body was having such uncontrolable seizures they had to put you on some really heavy meds. My family and I cried, broken hearts, we wished we were closer to lend a hand. We prayed you would pull through.

We got to meet you for the first time when Mom and Dad brought you to NY for a visit. How adorable you were!! My Mom (your Aunt Patty) hung up a swing from her front yard tree and we put you in it. You loved it!! I will never forget how you tilted your little face upward toward the sun and laughed. We took pictures, we loved you up!!

We enjoyed our visit, your Daddy was so gentle and loving with you and Mommy was so happy and proud. She showed us her first scrapbooking page, which was of you and your Daddy. First Father's day. It was beautiful! I think you got him a weed whacker for his gift! hahaha That visit ment so much to us!

I have made my career helping people who have disabilities. I have been doing it for 13 years now. I feel a special kinship with you in my heart. I know life is not easy for you. When Mom comes up to NY to visit us, we always find out how you are. I love catching up on Facebook and through your Mom's blogs. I love seeing your pictures and learning how you and your sister and brother are doing. Mom and Dad are doing such an AWESOME job for you. They are tremendous parents and love you so much. I remember one visit I had with your Mom, Daddy was texting how you were doing and sent her a picture of you napping. I thought it was so sweet. Your Mom was missing you, and Daddy was right there to make her feel better! Such a simple thing, but yet it showed even the simple things mean everything!! I am a faithful follower to your blog, I have not missed one entry! I cry everytime, tears of happiness, tears of understanding, and tears of hope. Sweet Lizzygirl thank you for touching our family, our hearts and minds! I pray you receive some healing, and I promise you this, when we both get to heaven, I will take your hands and we will run, dance, sing and laugh, then we will do it all again!!

Told ya!


Denice Brucker-Donovan said...

Lisa, I know you realize how special a person Lizzy is, but I want to let you know how she is beginning to help me teach my daugher, Olivia. She is 26 months, and she just started speech therapy this week. Doctors say she should have at least a 50 word vocabulary, Liv's is 4. Her therapist is teaching her sign language to help her communicate until she is learns to talk. Her first sign is "more". Last night we were catching up on your blog and watching the videos of Lizzy. She was so excited to watch Lizzy and wanted to watch her more, so I used your videos as incentive to get her to sign, after a bit of struggling she held my hands and did the sign. So thank you for sharing, and thank Lizzy for me for being so helpful.

Lisa said...

Denise.....Liv is so beautiful. I do keep up with your pictures on FB. Thank you for being a faithful reader. I will be praying for her progress! Thank you for making my day!!


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