Sunday, July 3, 2011

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack......

......and WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!

Thanks Em for taking this crazy picture.

One of the best things about going on a long ride with Lizzy is watching her enjoy the wind in her face. She usually puts her hands out the window with her head back and tongue OUT! Literally, if you are sitting next to her, you will be DRENCHED! She is like a lab without the fur!

Lizzy realized that dad just rolled her window down.


We are back in the chamber at 9:00. Excited to see what this week will bring. Please be in prayer for us as we tackle this week with three children. We are trying to convey to Emily and Jack that this is not about them, but want to keep them included in this journey. Emily has asked if she can go in the chamber too. Hmmmmmmmm........

Here's to a great week with lots of blessings! Stay tuned!

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Anita Howell said...

Yay!!!!! YOU are an excellent photographer. Love the pictures and the picture of you is a hoot! Thank you for the sweet comments on your last post....though, I must admit you just haven't witnessed my melt downs. ;) I can't wait to see all that happens this will have the big 20 milestone this week! Praying that God does amazing things for Lizzy and Ryan! Ryan is seizure free now for 5 days without the diet!! So glad you are here!!


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