Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Houston.....We Have A Problem

We had a stressful day here. Mom had trouble diving this afternoon. She popped some blood vessels in her ear and has been "grounded" as Dr. Pete told her. So mom won't be diving with Lizzy for now. She isn't real happy about it but she helps me in other ways. I am so thankful she is here. It wouldn't be this fun without her!

Thelma, Lousie, and Liz!

Lizzy seems to be more aware of what is going on around her. She wanted to be in on the fun tonight so we wrapped a scarf, ahem...I mean a kitchen towel around her head and went with it.

I took the morning dive because I knew that mom was having trouble with her ears. It has been a while since I have been in there with my girl. Time went by so fast. We snuggled a lot. You know, Lizzy just seems happier.

Yea, my girl is looking at me!

Mom took the afternoon dive and immediately felt pain. She wanted to do it anyway. Mom would have continued to dive with Lizzy had she told no one. I think the blood on the pillow from the busted blood vessel gave her away. Pray for Nana:-)

Your prayers for Lizzy are bringing me to tears. They are so tender and real and I know God is hearing each one. Thank you.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats A LOT of conditions. Brian (guy in charge, not to be confused with Dr. Pete who is the doc in charge) just got back from Thailand yesterday and was rolled into the chamber this morning for jet lag. How about that! I know that I might get flack for putting a dog on this blog and not Brian. So.....here he is.

It's me and Lizzy in the chamber tomorrow. Now I feel bad about the "chamber hog" comment I made about mom a few posts ago. God bless!

See you tomorrow!


Lisa said...

man, what is going on down there? It seems like a big party. Glad that y'all can still have fun with all of the other stuff going on. Thinking about all of you. Glad to see that Lizzy is still doing well in the chamber. Can't wait for you to get home.

Kelli and Paul said...

Awww Lizzy wants to read Heaven is for Real, and I don't blame her. Great book!

Heavenly Father, thank you! Thank you for loving Lizzy more than all of us can imagine loving her. I can see your healing hand at work with the early videos of Lizzy and the increased activity she portrays in today's video. Lord, please continue to allow us all to see your wondrous works. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
~Team Lizzy~

golfer1garin said...

Hi everyone.
I love reading about what is going on. It looks like a good time is had by all.

Does Lizzy ever wear sunglasses when she is outside. In the video it looks like she is trying to cover her eyes.

Love y'all

Nancy A. Garin

Anita Howell said...

Ow my gosh, I laughed, I cried, I related. So so sweet. Lizzy looks like she is having a blast!! So many times I've felt like Ryan was looking and laughing at his angels too. He has even looked around my head to see them. Loved seeing Lizzy walk and Nana. Another wonderful post!!

Tammy said...

Lord we thank you for Lizzies progress thus far and pray for additional. You are touching her more & more every day thank you for that. Please heal Nanas ear she wants to keep diving with Lizzie. We trust you and thank you. Thank you for even the fun times they are such a blessing. You are so good to us. Keep them in your hands Father. Go Team Lizzie!


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