Friday, July 8, 2011

To Be Honest.....

I have typed and erased several times trying to come up with something to share. Today is half way. Dive 20. Today was the day we might have seen something. Something new. Nothing. And I am sad tonight. I have cried. Tears of sadness for Lizzy. I want this so much for her. I want to hear her say "mama".

Dad was feeling a little under the weather this morning, so mom gladly took the dive. She felt much better in the chamber. Needs two pillows though. Sound like another diva we know? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, folks! So she felt so good during the morning dive that she decided to take the afternoon dive. Cheesh.....what a chamber hog!!

I have enjoyed having mom and dad here. Mom will be with me next week. We have fun together and enjoy each others company. Two weeks and 20 dives left. 

Papa was talking to Lizzy and making her giggle...I mean laugh until she couldn't breathe.

We are home until Sunday. Then back to Hilton Head. You are asking me if this is getting old.....yes. Want my normalcy back. Want my family together again. Miss them.
Thank you for all your emails! Really means so much to us. Damon says to save them. I will. Every text, email,  and every comment will be printed for the scrapbook. Thank you to my followers of the blog. All 12 of you!!!!! Love you all!

Home. Happy. Honest!

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Tammy said...

Lisa I don't know how you handle all the chaos. I know faith and family have everything to do with it. Strength to you and your family as well as peace. I pray that you will continue to see some form of improving in Lizzie... I am falling in love with your family. Go team Lizzie!


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