Monday, August 29, 2011

A Beach Buddy Indeed

Sundays are very laid back and easy here. And by laid back, I mean we become lazy slobs.....after church of course. Church. People go to church for different reasons. It may be a way to escape from the kids for an hour or two (check), it may give you some time to spend with your spouse (check), maybe you go to church to see friends that you don't see during the week (check), or is it to get spiritual fuel for your upcoming week (check). If you are a family blessed with a special needs child or adult, you may find it difficult to attend church. Why? Well, for us, we would prefer Lizzy to not sit in the nursery with babies. Just because she wears a diaper and is spoon-fed doesn't classify her as a "baby". Plus, she has dignity. Second, we really can't take her into the service with us. She grunts, groans, and squeals so it would be a distraction. We constantly think would this disrupt others sitting around us? These are the very reasons these awesome families are unchurched. It's hard researching churches in your area finding one that suits all of your families needs. We have been blessed to have been at our church for three years. Our family LOVES IT! They have a special needs program called Beach Buddies! Be sure when you click the link that you watch the video on the program. It's amazing! There is someONE always there for Lizzy to play with. Our church is the only one in the area to have this program. It's wonderful and Damon and I are able to sit together in church enjoying our time "alone".  Most importantly, Lizzy enjoys it. To be honest, all a church really needs is an empty room and some volunteers each Sunday. It is just another class:-) Make it happen in your church folks!

I tried to get some pictures of Lizzy and I after church. Tried and failed miserably.

Take 1

Take 2....c'mon Lizzy, for real!
Take comes that tongue
Take 4......getting frustrated and gritting my teeth

Apparently Lizzy does better with pictures when she flies solo! I'm not sure what was so extremely funny in these pictures but I sure was glad she was wearing a diaper!!!!! Golly!

Happy Monday and have a great week friends! God Bless!

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