Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Summertime here with Lizzy seems different. During school, she has someone with her all day. When a break happens and the kids are home, she feels like she doesn't get enough attention and makes it known. Summer break in the past has been stressful. This year is easier. She is content to play alone. Now, we just returned home from Kentucky so she is adjusting to home again. We finished up our first round of treatments on Friday, July 22 and left for KY that Wednesday. So maybe this is the calm before the storm.

Yes, we traveled to Lexington, KY to see Damon's sister, Sabrina. However Damon and Emily couldn't come with us and would meet up with us Saturday night. So Jack, Lizzy, and I packed the van and left Wednesday morning. Ten hours as a single parent? Would you secretly panic but say, "no sweat'? Yea, that was me. I hate posting these photos because it looks like I was taking pictures down the interstate. I snapped best I could without taking my hand or eyes off the road.....promise. Lizzy is such a little lady. Look at her with her legs crossed! Never seen this before!

These photos bring tears to my eyes. Lizzy will be 12 next month and would be turning into a beautiful young lady. Legs crossed. I do notice the seatbelt and she moves it, even when we lock it in place. She might be a bit big for a car seat. Any suggestions that would work?

She is enjoying having more vision. Her brother was annoyed with her staring at him. Hahahaha.......he just kept saying, "stop looking at me Lizzy."

I have looked at these three photos for some time and they might be my favorites. She isn't just looking at Jack, she really was staring as if she can finally see her brother! The little guy that gives her a kiss on her leg before bed, or gives her her pacifier by pulling her hair back to open her mouth. Oh, that's Jack Jack! 

We stopped twice. Jack would get McDonalds, Lizzy would get KFC, and I snacked on crackers and soda. Bathroom breaks were challenging but we were thankful for handicap stalls! However, Jack needed to "sit" for a while so Lizzy entertained herself at the sink.

She loves the sound of the water and the way it feels. 

Lizzy loves her Aunt Sabrina. It has been a few months since she has seen Lizzy. 

We started our trip home Monday night around 9:00. Lizzy didn't sleep the ENTIRE trip. Every light, sound, or movement was more interesting than sleeping. We couldn't believe it! The other kids had no problem falling asleep. She clapped, squealed, and laughed the whole time. So Lizzy and I kept Damon awake while he drove!  We got home at 5:30 and Lizzy ate some oatmeal and crashed until 2:00!! Guess she was a bit tired! 

Sorry for the break in postings. I felt like I needed a break. I'll be posting a couple times a week from now on. School starts in two weeks. It will be exciting to see how her teachers react to her. She really has changed! I thought she was loving and affectionate before but now, she really wants to show you how much she loves you! I say "Are you momma's girl?" She mauls me! So loving! So blessed.

God Bless all of you. I have missed you. Thank you for the emails and messges during my "break". I appreciate you.  Damon has started football for the season, so pray for me. I need patience and understanding parenting three children. We will have daddy back in November:-)


Kelli and Paul said...

Missed you guys! Lizzy looks fabulous and I love that she actually ENJOYS looking at her little brother!

Would Lizzy wear an adjustable vest for traveling?

~Team Lizzy~

Tammy said...

So exciting to see how happy Lizzie is and observant she is with her surroundings. Missed your posts.

Otto Bock Kids said...

What a wonderful story and beautiful photos!


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