Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Girl

Lizzy is really happy! I mean she is loving life. She loves her ball pit probably as much she loves her momma! Here she is! Couple of things about the video......... I never hit her with a ball and I am sorry for my big mouth in it again. The toy shelf knocked over was........ummmmmm.......Lizzy. Yes, my sweet child destroyed the gym.

See her looking at me in the video? That's my girl. Want to see something else kind of cool?  How about Lizzy watching Barney on the iPad? I will need to get a gallon size zip lock bag so she doesn't drool all over it. I do this with my smartphone. Works great!

Pretty cool, huh? Barney is her favorite so the family has to deal with it. With Lizzy, her vision seems.....abnormal to us. Not something we are used to. So when she looks directly at us we get excited then a bit weirded out.  She can just hold a stare. Still have not seen any seizures for some time now and that is a blessing!  She has been off the Lupron shot for almost a year. We took her off because of a bone scan showing the beginnings of osteoporosis. That shot was keeping her cycle away. Yes, she had her period at 7! The endocrinologist has told us that we should see something within the year. YUCK! My reason for all of this is to say she has been developing quite a bit in the last two months. She will be 12 next month. It just seems hard for me to believe that I have a tween! So because of that we, as a family, have been watching The Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney channel. I started watching it and secretly got the rest of the family watching. It's crazy awesome. I love it! This is the stuff Lizzy would be watching! I might get some Selena Gomez posters for her room! Yea, I'm gonna do that!

I am still writing articles for the CP Family Network and was asked to write one on siblings of kids with special needs and also traveling with a handicapped child. I have had lots of experience with the latter in the last two months. Please send me any suggestions on how you would encourage your child(ren) to play with Lizzy or a child like Lizzy! Thanks!

God Bless each one of you!

Hi friends! Thank you for praying for me. I see you.

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