Monday, August 15, 2011

A Needed Break

My mother and father in law are too good to me. The very day they returned from their vacation, they took Lizzy for me to give me a break. That was Friday and I just picked her up tonight! I got the whole weekend off! I so enjoyed my "freedom"! I know what you are thinking. Ah Lisa, you do have two other children.  Yes, I know I do. Lizzy is the baby and requires everything a "baby" does. She is completely dependent on us. She can do nothing for herself. I don't say this for pity sake........what the heck am I saying? Yes, I am. I get worn out and exhausted from caring for Lizzy day in and day out and I needed a break!  Believe it or not, Lizzy can wear on you. But, on the flip side, I missed that little girl so much. When she is with Nana, I tend to just get the important information that I need and then we don't communicate much. I know that she is having a good time and is very well cared for. So, I don't worry about her. Oh - and that "important" piece of information that I need is when she is coming home!

She missed me. She always does.

Lizzy trying to get me.

Now she wants a hug! Here she comes!
When we got in the car to go home, Emily says "Let's put on Lizzy's music." I was shocked but happy at the same time. Usually the other kids ask for a movie. But tonight was different. She wanted something she knew would make her sister happy! She was right. Lizzy loves her music and we enjoyed our ride home.

Have a great night. God bless!

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