Saturday, August 27, 2011

Old and New Adventures

Lizzy started school this week. She was super excited to get back.......I promise. Those were her exact words! Ok, so you got me......let me rephrase.......I was super excited to get her back! I walk in to the classroom and I see desks. Desks? I immediately think that we are no longer in the right class. Desks are for students to write and read at. Coloring. Desks are for individual learning. I was confused. I decided not to say anything and just see how it went this week. I figured I would check it out next week when Jack gets back to school. I am usually the parent that when I see something different, I ask why and if it will work for Lizzy. Desks! Go figure.

Pretty girl all ready for school. There is that tongue again.

Sweet kisses from Jack Jack before leaving for school.

I did something this week that I've never done. In the years that Damon has been coaching football, Lizzy has not gone to a single game. Now wait.......I have reasons. One of the biggest is that she is.........forget it.  I have no excuses for this. There are people that had no idea Damon was the father of three! They see Emily and Jack but never Lizzy. I told him that I would make an effort to get to some games this season.........WITH LIZZY! Can I leave the other two home? Ok, ok, I was kidding. 

We get to the stadium early, as requested by Damon, and I immediately notice the handicapped parking spaces (2) are filled. Shoot. Now what? Really, Lisa? Park anywhere and get out! You have her stroller. You can't walk 1/16 of a mile to the gate?  As soon as I start looking for an open "regular" parking spot and man waves me down. Shoot, the heck does he want, I'm busy here.  I roll my window down, drop Coach Viele's name (seems like he is known everywhere), tell him about Lizzy, and he guides me to a parking spot right near the gate! 

We had a fun time. Papa and Nana were there and helped me while I took some pictures. We did leave a little after half-time because there was school the next day. The game was moved to Thursday night because of Hurricane Irene.  Lizzy squealed (cheering) and giggled which made it easy on momma. 

Lizzy, I love your daddy so much and am proud of the man he is!
A favorite toy and her sister. Life is good!
Nana and Lizzygirl
Our plan is to go back to Hilton Head, SC in October for more oxygen therapy and every month after that. We are really excited to get back and see Lizzy progress and develop more. 

You may have noticed that I changed the title of her blog. I did this just so that I could blog about Lizzy's life more and not just the hyperbaric oxygen therapy itself. The web address didn't change. Thank you for following us and being faithful readers. God bless!


NJR said...

Hmmm...can't wait to hear what the desks are for. Interesting!

It's All True said...

Love your blog. Really great writing. Hope you are all safe!

Cheryl Brewer


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