Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our Ten-Day Disney Trip (With Lizzy) In The RV - Days Five and Six

Day Five

We are half way through this vacation and I could go home today and be happy.  I really don’t like waking up to the smell of a dirty diaper. It doesn’t start the day well.  Lizzy sleeps on a mattress on the floor of our room in the camper.  She sleeps very well so I shouldn’t complain but it is absolutely disgusting to wake up this way.   Everyone else knows that this is my job so they get to sleep in and it is bothering me at this point in our vacation.  Unfortunately, this is how I wake up while staying in the camper.  She stinks up the ENTIRE camper and it eventually wakes up the rest of the family.

She eats her breakfast and we get going.  Damon is already starting on Em and that she woke up last and is making us all late to the park.  It is getting on my nerves and I am already irritated.  A gentleman is sitting across from us making small talk and says something about getting to the park and Damon says something about Em getting up late (Animal Kingdom opens at 8 and we get there at 8:20) and bless this guys heart, he says to Damon, “It’s alright man.”  Thank you, sir!

Damon took Jack to get some fast passes and I went through the bag checking line.  He sends me a text to have Em run to Everest to ride with them.  Lizzy and I go to the Lion King show and she loves it. We are sitting in one of the handicap spots so we are in front.  I notice one of the female dancers paying special attention to us.  Turns out, she asks to be a part of the show.  I did take a video (will post to Facebook) and I immediately noticed that this sweet lady wipes Lizzy’s drool with her bib. Just like I do.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just like last year with Chip and Dale, she made this whole experience special.  As we get up to leave, a young lady sits next to me as says, “I took some pictures for you, can I send them to you?”  How sweet.  I didn’t know her but I know that she has a very sweet soul.  Thank you. 

 We leave there and go to find Damon and the kids.  We meet up and the kids are so happy to see…the snack bag!!!!  This bags carries about 30 snacks packs and drinks (Gardetto’s, Rice Krispie treats, goldfish, combos, Chex mix, peanuts, sour patch kids, Gatorades, waters, and Lipton Tea’s). It is a very heavy bag in the morning and lightens up around noon!

"The Bag"

We do the safari again and Lizzy enjoys it…. again.  It is the last thing we do before coming back to the campground.  Lizzy and I didn’t do a lot today.  I am getting worn out and need a nap.  We get back and eat lunch and we all lay down.

Damon takes Lizzy and Jack to the pool and I get all her food ready with medicine. Em and I head to Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours.  I really need a break.  A break from Lizzy and from Damon’s schedule. We had a great time.  Emily is really a great girl and I love spending time with just her.   I really don’t get a lot of time with her and I feel bad about it.  I try to squeeze time in when I can.  It was raining but it didn’t dampen our fun.  She rides all the fun rides alone.  I can barely handle the swing set in the backyard.  I used to be able to but since the kids came along, I get light headed and nauseous. Damon is her Disney partner and has always been.  I’m okay with that.

Damon says Lizzy ate and went down great.  We are still carrying her and using her stroller. We are trying to keep her from weight bearing on that hip. I know that if she sits for a while, her legs and feet fall asleep. That happens quite a bit.  I try to massage her thighs and legs but it tickles.  Thank you for your prayers.  See you tomorrow.

Day Six

For crying out loud, Lizzy!!!!  Up early for an UNPRECEDENTED dirty diaper. You know, the kind where you have to use half a pack of wipes?  I am going to have to clean all her linens. Great.  Blech. 

Three days to go.  We leave on the 15th. Who the heck added more days this year? I’m ready.  Damon and Jack leave for Magic Kingdom around 7:45.  Em, Lizzy, and I leave around 8:30.  We take the boat over and I am just amazed at what I see when we get off the boat.  Does Disney have a maximum capacity at these parks?  My anxiety level just goes through the roof.  I tell Em to go to her first ride and I will meet her there. She runs to spaceship earth and I take my time getting there.  I stop and ask a family if they want me to take a photo, you know, I am lollygagging because I know she will have to wait to ride and because there are so many doublewide strollers that you can barely move through the park.  It’s a little frustrating. 

We all meet up and I do a few rides with the kids and then I get this text from Damon to meet him up in front of park to take the monorail.  He is so frustrated and says that he was watching the parade with Lizzy and people just walk up and stand in front of them.  They completely block them from seeing the parade so he just leaves.  If they didn’t reach maximum capacity today, they came very close. 

So we head to Epcot and it feels wonderful to not bump into people or trip on a stroller wheel.  Em, Jack and I ride spaceship earth.  It is a great educational ride.  We go to meet Damon at Nemo and I start to feel light headed and dizzy.  I instantly get a headache too. I rarely get headaches.  I ask Em to hold my hand and we get to the Nemo ride. After that, we head back because I’m not feeling well. 

Lunch, nap, same thing as every other day we have been here.  We plan to head to the pool and swim for a bit. Lizzy’s swimming suit was in the shower but was on the floor and so it was still wet.  I became immediately mad.  Yes, mad. Why can’t we hang it up so it dries?  I have to put Lizzy in one of Em’s two pieces and I can’t stand it.  We walk the 15 minutes it takes to get to the pool and swim for a bit.  I tell Damon, Lizzy can’t wear a wet suit and take a 15-minute walk because she will be cold.  He says, “Mine was wet.” Really?  Damon and Jack to back to Magic Kingdom for a few hours.  Lizzy eats great and goes to bed.

I know that these last two days have a different tone to it.  Everything is irritating me.  I really am ready to go home.  I have been calling it a vacation but it really isn’t.  There is no real relaxing and I am doing everything in a smaller space that I do at home.  Pray for me.  I need a better attitude for these next four days.  Still have memories to make.

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