Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Ten-Day Disney Trip (With Lizzy) In The RV - Day Seven

I am so thankful for your prayers.  I woke up after 5 hours feeling great.  Lizzy woke up WITHOUT a barnyard smelling, room clearing diaper.  What a great morning.  We decided that Lizzy is done with the parks.  She did most of the shows and is happier going for a walk or playing with her toys. When we were in the park, we had to stop and wait for people to move and it would make her upset.  She likes to go and we can do that at the campground. I went to the Outpost (the office up front where you check in/out), and explained our situation. Lizzy used 4 out of the 7 days on her park hopper pass.  We will get a $31.00 credit.  Gosh….thanks!

We reserved a golf cart for the next two days. I can’t believe how expensive they are.  They were sold out today. The campground covers 700 acres so you kind of need one to get to the pool, the trading post (market), tennis courts, and other places unless you bring a bicycle. There are buses running but it is more fun with a golf cart. Plus Lizzy loves it so that $62.00 a day is worth it.  The rental fee went up $2.00 from last year. It is outrageous, I know.  Our next purchase will be a golf cart. We would like a used one if possible, so if you have one you want to sell, we are looking for one.

We went for two walks today and talked to the squirrels.  I did some laundry.  Not a real exciting day but it was without a schedule and slow moving.  Just the way I like it with Lizzy.  Lizzy did poop the couch.  It wouldn’t be close to a normal day without something like that happening.

I was sitting at the table and watched Damon pick up my phone and read something.  Turns out, he was reading the blog.  I asked him if he were to write about the experience over the last few days, would he have a different view of it all.  Jokingly (I hope), he says, “Yeah, Lisa snapped!” We laughed. It took some years, but I can laugh at myself. That was funny babe!  

We really just want Lizzy to be a part of all family experiences. We are still learning how to do it.  Will Lizzy remember these times? I don’t know and I don’t care because we all remember her with us.  The memories won’t all be the greatest but at least we have them with her. 

I have no pics from today.  Unbelievable, that never happens. 

God bless!

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