Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The USELESS Meeting

I say useless but I really mean stupid.

We pulled into the district office and we were quiet.  We got out of the truck and started walking toward the building and I saw this man walking towards us.  He says "hey, how are you doing?" Damon says "good, thanks."  We walked on a little bit and Damon says "that is Generette."  He is the district attorney.

We walk into the front office and give the woman behind the desk our name.  She says "it says Ziele."  Wow, we have been in communication with this district for three months about this.  "Viele, with a V as in Victor." I say.  She gives us the conference room number and we walk through to the other building.  One our way, a woman stops us and gives Damon a hug.  He had her son in class and so they talk for a bit.  Apparently Damon is a big deal:-) Her son spoke at graduation this year.  She then helps us find the conference room and we say thank you.

We walk in and there are two women in there.  One stood to greet us and one did not.  One shook our hands and one did not.  One introduced herself and one did not.  Kristin Wilson, the person that signed her name to the written response to our investigation, showed us ZERO respect.  The chief human resources officer, Mary Anderson, showed us some respect and we appreciated that.  Unfortunately, she had not seen the report so she had no input and took notes . "Excuse me?" I looked at her business card and said "You are the CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER, and you have not seen it?  "This was a conducted by the special education department."  she said.  She looked back down at her notes and continued to frantically write all while the meeting was being recorded.

They recorded audio of the meeting saying that it was just for keeping track of what was said and not for any other use.  But, like I said, Ms. Anderson frantically took notes during the entire meeting. We asked direct questions about the investigation and received the same answers as before.

  • She was in there for 90 seconds
  • She was extremely loud
  • teachers are allowed to use time out for punishment
  • she was in an adjoining room
So this is where we got into it.  Punishment?  No. In all the years Lizzy has been in the district, she's never been "punished" with a time out.  It apparently was a last resort because she had been getting louder and more disruptive.  LIE!

Adjoining room? Absolutely not.  Completely separate room that the assistant principal told him NOT to use for time out!!!!

90 seconds is a "correct" amount of time for a time out.

This district has no policy that protects our daughter with severe special needs. A male CAN take her anywhere he wishes.  EVEN TO THE RESTROOM!!!!!!!  

It was silent for some time until Damon started to speak.  As Damon was speaking, Kristin Wilson glared at me.  I looked away thinking nothing of it until it became obvious she was still looking at me.  I couldn't tell if she was trying to tell me something or if she was trying to be intimidating.  I have never seen an adult exhibit this kind of behavior.  Intimidation doesn't work with me so I glared back at her.  Eventually she looked away but looking into her eyes, she had no emotion and just reflected a coldness.  

"If my daughter was so disruptive, and needed a time out, we should have been called first.  We could have come and got her."  She has the same civil rights as every other human being. Doesn't she?" At this time Kristin Wilson started with the memorized lines repeating them like a robot.  Damon continued about her civil rights asking if her teacher gave her the same respect and dignity as every other human being.  She finally said "yes, she has the same civil rights as every human being." 

We talked about due process and lack of.  We talked about who was interviewed.  Karen refused.  That stung a little.  The other two aides that were interviewed still work in his room.  All having the same answers.  

I said that her IEP has never had time out in it in 15 years.  He has been doing something that is not in her IEP, a legal document, for almost 2 years.  What Ms. Wilson said next made my skin crawl.

"All teachers can use a time away/time out when appropriate"  I pressed her about it not being in her IEP.

This is also where the memorized lines of time away/time out came in.  

We asked about getting the records to this investigation stating that it is about our daughter and WE requested it.  Again, with the memorized answers.  Jumping on the bandwagon, Ms. Anderson says, "as Ms. Wilson has stated several times, we will consult with counsel and get back with you." We've been asking for them for weeks.  This isn't the first time you have heard our request. They said they would try to get us an answer by Thursday. An answer.

Stonewalling at its best.  These aren't humans. They are a corporation.  They acted like robots.  

I asked about the incident with "pulling off her shirt" and why he would do that.  This is where the meeting ended.  She said she would consult with counsel. 

"You said we could ask questions about the investigation." 

Again with the "counsel" memorized line. 

We are done.  Requested a copy of the audio to be sent to my email address and we left.

I have filed with the ADA Civil.  I have been told of other agencies to contact.  We will take any advice and will keep you posted.  

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