Thursday, September 13, 2012


Life has been happening here. Exciting news to share with you. I can honestly say that I had dealt with Lizzy never being able to talk. I was fine with it. I wouldn't have to deal with a know-it-all teenager talking back to me (already got one of those and she is only 10!) or telling me she hates me (I've seen it on TV so it MUST happen in real life....right?). I was fine with it until I saw this.......

Lizzy Viele is almost 13 (9-19-1999) and she said her first word and it was "mama"!! I could barely contain myself. They had been telling me that she was saying it but I would never hear it. So they recorded it for me. I do believe in miracles. She knows who her mama is and she also knows when she is going "home" from school! Watch my girl here.

Her aide, Ms. Rene, move home with her boys, so we have Ms. Ruby and Ms. Stephanie that love on her all day. Lizzy is the only girl in the class so she gets some special treatment. Lizzy likes the word "stop" apparently. Listen to her tell Ms. Ruby to stop. 

I love the ladies that work with Lizzy. In each video, they try to get her to say mama too. I am blessed. My Lizzy can speak words. Miracles are blessings from God and I am so thankful. 

God Bless!

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