Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lizzy and Her Olympian

Have you ever met someone that never talks about themselves but you know there is something super special about them? Amber has been helping in the Special Needs Ministry at our church for some time now and loves Lizzy. Lizzy knows her and loves her right back. Amber is humble and God has given her a very special talent. Her love and passion for special needs kids isn't what I am talking about. Amber is an OLYMPIAN! Yes, Amber is a 2x Olympian, 2x National Champion, and Olympic Trials record holder for the hammer throw. She is sponsored by Nike and representing the USA in this years Olympics. I found out way after she had been hanging with Lizzy at church. I don't know if I could ever be this humble. I would want to toot my own horn just a little. Not Amber! After coming back from Olympic trials, she came to church and got right back into it with Lizzy. She is just an awesome person and we love her. I want to support her in anyway that I can. An Olympian that supports the special needs community? Cool! Good luck in London, Amber! We love you.

Follow her blog here

God bless.

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